🎯 This Competitive Dance Webinar Gives You Secret Tips BEFORE Dance Competition

“Mind-Blowing Concept, I Know” As a dance competition judge (I prefer the term “Adjudicator”) I’m so excited to share my Pre-Comp Masterclass with you! This is big news! Because as a competitive dancer, you’re going to learn so much that is NOT common. This masterclass is a webinar, completely online. Dance lovers can learn fromContinue reading “🎯 This Competitive Dance Webinar Gives You Secret Tips BEFORE Dance Competition”

New BDX Studio Blogsite!

Take a look… The brand-new Blogsite for Byfield Dance Experience is a go! I’m a bit slow, but slow and steady wins the race right? Your new BDX home away from home is finally: “Fully automated… and unstoppable.” – Miriam McColl in i Think i Can Why a “Blogsite?” instead of a regular website, youContinue reading “New BDX Studio Blogsite!”

BDX Featured Dance Studio On WantToDance Website

BDX Featured Dance Studio On WantToDance Website Byfield Dance eXperience (BDX) in Toronto celebrated their one year anniversary as a studio at the end of October. A veteran of stage and screen, Shawn Byfield knew he would always open a space for dancers of all levels. His goal? To open up a place where regularContinue reading “BDX Featured Dance Studio On WantToDance Website”

Free Hip Hop and Tap Dance Articles

So just yesterday, I added a new free resource on my website- my dance articles page. I find it’s hard to get useful dance information from so many sources available online, so I’ve just created one simple spot where you can find useful articles about dance and life. I’ve written them myself, and will beContinue reading “Free Hip Hop and Tap Dance Articles”