DEADLINE JUNE 30th! Toronto International Youth Dance Festival 2019

CALL FOR DANCE STUDIOS: Get ready for the 2019 Toronto International Youth Dance Festival! The annual TIYDF is created to bring youth dancers from all over the world together while celebrating diverse dance and culture through friendly competition and showcase. Toronto International Youth Dance Festival aims to instil the importance of Art, Education, and CommunityContinue reading “DEADLINE JUNE 30th! Toronto International Youth Dance Festival 2019”

Impatient? READ THIS… How Does This Popular Movie Quote Relate To Your Current Life?

So in my world, so much can change in 8 hours! Here’s a real-TIME story unfolding right now: Two hours ago I was at home in my underwear. Now, I’m lying down comfortably in my honeywagon, after a major movie production sent a driver to pick me up and bring me to set. Yup, I’veContinue reading “Impatient? READ THIS… How Does This Popular Movie Quote Relate To Your Current Life?”

Who Else Wants To Become A Top Choreographer, Director, Pop Sensation Or Television Celebrity? ** Here’s The SECRET **

DANCERS! Listen. I’m actually quite upset… There’s a whole world of opportunity out there. You can do anything you put your mind to… So Why Is Shawn So Upset? Because too many dancers only aspire to be a “backup dancer” for some artist. That’s their DREAM. And that’s fine… …But why not dream bigger? What’sContinue reading “Who Else Wants To Become A Top Choreographer, Director, Pop Sensation Or Television Celebrity? ** Here’s The SECRET **”

Why Dancing Makes You An Irresistible Lover

Ok I admit: I’m a dance lover. Seriously. From the dance floor to dating… who would have thought a sweet dance class can translate into a sweeter Valentine’s Day? Or ANY day for that matter. Because you don’t need a special holiday to dance- or to let someone special know that you got moves. InContinue reading “Why Dancing Makes You An Irresistible Lover”

Black Canadian Awards: VOTE Shawn Byfield

So if you didn’t know, I OFFICIALLY got word I’m a nominee for the 2014 Black Canadian Awards! (Best Contemporary Dance Act) Here’s the email: “We are excited to inform you of being in our Top 6 nominees from over 20,000 total nominations in the past eight months. We strongly believe all our nominees willContinue reading “Black Canadian Awards: VOTE Shawn Byfield”

Byfield Dance Experience Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

Byfield Dance Experience Toronto Celebrates One-Year Anniversary Of Dance Studio Yes friends… it’s BDX Studio’s first BIRTHDAY! Can you believe it? It feels like just a short while ago I was spending numerous hours looking for the right space, and going through the frustrating roller-coaster of negotiating for ownership. Then the time-consuming task of transformingContinue reading “Byfield Dance Experience Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary”

Instant Dance Inspiration – Bunnie Speaks

Dance Inspiration From Bunnie Bunnie, a member of the BDX street team, shares his inspirational thoughts on dance. What you think? Are YOU a dancer? Send him a tweet or leave a comment!  

Dance Is Music Made Visible

Dance is music made visible. It’s so true. Give music to a dancer and we can’t help but move to the beat! I believe we are all dancers. Of course, some of us have more training than others. And some of us are terribly awkward! But you know what? We all have a desire toContinue reading “Dance Is Music Made Visible”

What Would Your Super Dance Power Be?

OK, this is good. So if lightning struck you & you got super dance powers, what would be your best skill? Crazy flexibility? Sexy hairography? Crazy headspins? The ability to pick up fast choreography without panicking? I’d be able to instantly assimilate new styles, like Neo in The Matrix. I would watch a dance genre,Continue reading “What Would Your Super Dance Power Be?”

If This Doesn’t Prove ANYONE Can Dance, What Will?

Stop what you’re doing and WATCH THIS. This performance was a surprise treat to celebrate Oprah’s 24th season. Black Eyed Peas and Oprah’s team organized the largest dance flash mob in history. Dance choreographer Ashley Wallen put together the fun routine for over 20,000 residents of Chicago. Only TWENTY of them were professional dancers! IContinue reading “If This Doesn’t Prove ANYONE Can Dance, What Will?”