Are You Paying Too Much For Your Dance Studio Energy Bill?

Dance Studio owners: Are you paying too much for your dance school’s natural gas or electricity bill? You might be. I have a new service helping studio owners, martial arts schools and other small businesses in Ontario, Manitoba and British Columbia discover the FREE energy options available to you and your facility. Did you knowContinue reading “Are You Paying Too Much For Your Dance Studio Energy Bill?”

Awesome! Toronto Dance Audition Photos

Love dance in Toronto? Check out these hi-res photos from our recent BDX Street Team dance audition. Huge thank you to Wes Wilson for capturing the event! Click an image or click here to see more dance photos on flickr from the audition. – Shawn Byfield

Toronto Dance Class Website- Excellent New Resource

Hey dancers, If you live in Toronto or the GTA, you’ll love the new Toronto Dance website! It’s a new resource dance website that breaks my Toronto dance classes down into levels. So if you’re looking for a beginner dance lesson, or an advanced dance class in Toronto, this website will help you findContinue reading “Toronto Dance Class Website- Excellent New Resource”