DEADLINE JUNE 30th! Toronto International Youth Dance Festival 2019

Toronto International Youth Dance Festival 2019

Toronto International Youth Dance Festival 2019


Get ready for the 2019 Toronto International Youth Dance Festival!

The annual TIYDF is created to bring youth dancers from all over the world together while celebrating diverse dance and culture through friendly competition and showcase. Toronto International Youth Dance Festival aims to instil the importance of Art, Education, and Community in our daily lives and help youths uncover their full potential artistically and academically.

Toronto International Youth Dance Festival past participants

This is a festival with emphasis on performance, teamwork and fun!!

Open showcase will happen on Aug 2nd, 2019 while the competition portion of our festival takes place on Aug 3rd, 2019.

Also, the event theme is KIDS HELPING KIDS. This is an opportunity to use your love of dance to raise funds for SICK KIDS HOSPITAL. 

To register, email:

Study Of Canadian Dance Schools Finds Shocking Discovery

Studio Owners Dance Around Issue- Yet 50% Of Businesses Overpay

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Dance Studio Article

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Cranking Up The Air Conditioner In Your Biz? Here’s A Secret To Pay Less

Ways to save on your energy bill

Ways to save on your energy bill

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Start The COUNTDOWN, Because In 21 Days…

BDX Toronto Dance Showcase

Get ready… In 21 days we hit the stage! On Wednesday October 19th, BDX presents “Toronto’s Got TALENT!

This. Is. Epic. Check it out HERE

A celebration of 2 years. A showcase of top Toronto dance artists. Secret agents. Ninjas. And the best part? All current BDX students are invited to perform!

Here’s what I need you to do:

Open your Outlook, iCal, Blackberry or GCal and put this info in. Book it off. Find a babysitter. Wash your hair and dust off your shoes… ‘Cause we gonna celebrate! “So bring your good times, and your laughter too…”

– Shawn B

PS: Dancers: A rehearsal schedule is posted on the BDX facebook fan page:

PPS: Yes, real ninjas.