Toronto hip hop and tap dance classes

LAUNCHING SOON! Toronto’s Favourite Hip Hop and Tap Dance Classes

Toronto hip hop and tap dance classes

Toronto hip hop and tap dance classes

It’s time to grow. It’s time to reach the next level. TAPDANCE MASTERY and HIPHOP DANCE WORKOUT will rock your world!

These classes are for dancers who want to break away from boring and actually see tangible PROGRESS week, after week, after week. Too many times, dancers come to class and get frustrated, because they’re keep returning at the same level…

…Unfortunately, nothing improves if there’s no consistent, weekly effort. You have to WORK AT IT.

These new sessions will give dancers that satisfaction of PROGRESS. When you know you’ve committed to a tap dance or hip hop dance class every single week, when you have to practice what you’ve learned, and when everyone expects to see you in dance class next week, same time, same place, you become accountable for your progress.

And Here’s The Best Part…

The best part? Because there’s a room full of friends supporting and rooting for you each and every week, all striving to improve their dance skills also, you quickly start to SEE the difference. You FEEL the difference. You BECOME better.

It just works.

90% of success in life is just SHOWING UP.

If you want to get better, commit to being better. Challenge yourself to doing something better. Surround yourself with those who strive to be better.

TAPDANCE MASTERY and HIPHOP DANCE WORKOUT are the classes that push you to get there.

I’m looking for a few positive people with courage and commitment who want to see growth in their dance skills AND also in fitness level. The coming new dance term at will take you there, you’ll see. Get excited!

Drop me a line- what do YOU want to get better at? Leave your thoughts below,


Volunteer Help Wanted- But You Can’t Suck…

Toronto volunteers wanted

Toronto volunteers wanted

Volunteer Help Wanted.

If you need volunteer hours, looking for an excellent recommendation letter (providing you don’t suck) and wouldn’t mind gaining first-hand experience and personal coaching in MY world of business and entertainment, I have a TON of exciting projects, businesses and tasks that are waiting for you!

Toronto residents needed for BDX Studio related work.

Some other tasks do NOT require you to be a Toronto resident. Anywhere in Canada will do as long as you have a computer, regular internet access and email/social media savvy.

Contact me IMMEDIATELY if you fit the bill, and we’ll set up an interview.

EXCITING NEWS! Black Canadian Awards 2014 Nomination Received

Black Canadian Awards - Shawn Byfield nominated

Black Canadian Awards – Shawn Byfield Nominated

EXCITING NEWS: I’ve been nominated for an award!

I’m in the top list of nominees for the Black Canadian Awards 2014. Pretty cool huh?

The last award I was nominated for was a Gemini Award in 2007. Maybe I’m slow… but I didn’t even know there was a Black Canadian Awards show. Did you know?

And why didn’t you tell me? πŸ˜‰ I have no idea how many nominations I’ve already received, but I am truly humbled. You just gave me extra motivation to bring even MORE joy to people’s lives.

Here’s info on the award event:

The Black Canadian Awards ceremony is an event that reflect our commitment to showcasing and celebrating achievements of Black Canadian professionals, artists, trail-blazers and leaders within our community. The Black Canadian Awards will be hosted in Toronto on March 1st 2014 at the prestigious Queen Elizabeth Theater with over 1,000 people in attendance.

Pretty sweet. Especially since this is not just a Toronto award, but a Black CANADIAN award. I’m proud to live here. There’s a TON of residents in this Country, and apparently I’m in the top 12 nominees for “Best Dancer.”

As a favour, please take 60 seconds and Click Here To Vote
to help put my name in Top 5. You can vote DAILY!

Nomination ends Nov 10th. Scroll down and select:

  • Best Dance Act/ Artist

  • Leadership

There’s a basic web form, so you literally just write my name (Shawn Byfield) my contact info (my website, twitter, Byfield Dance Experience, whatever) and why (because you think I’m awesome… or preferably something more meaningful and specific) for one or all of the awards above.

YOU CAN VOTE DAILY! Vote For Shawn Here

I congratulate EVERYONE who’s been nominated. You’ve been raising the bar and setting a positive example for your family, your business, your community and our Country. Thank you for inspiring.

Stay tuned, and thanks for your support!

Click Here To Vote

– Shawn B

Hip Hop Class Toronto: This Video Shows Best Example of Where Passion And Displine Will Take You

Adult hip hop dance class in Toronto

Adult hip hop dance class in Toronto

Behind the scenes of an adult hip hop dance class in Toronto, every Monday and Tuesday night at my totally fantastic dance school Byfield Dance Experience.

I like showing “fly on the wall” footage, where you get to see unrefined choreography, lots of love and tons of sweat. Just check out my shirt. =) I share inspiration, and challenge dancers to perform with emotion, musicality and intensity in every class.


It’s important for you to know this:

Most of the adult dancers in the video below are NOT trained dance studio people. Most of them started with me at zero. Total Newbies. Only a handful have previous training, but many years ago. This is an example of where passion and discipline will take you over time.

So when’s the best night for you to visit? Every night is the best night for class! Check out the video below to see one of my hip hop dance classes…


Song- Timbaland & Justin Timberlake “Release”

Beginner tap dancing classes Toronto

Totally Cool 60 Second Weekend Update (Better Than SNL)

Remember the days of Eddie Murphy, Steve Martin, Kevin Nealon & Tina Fey’s Weekend Updates, and Lonely Planet videos? Remember when Ashlee Simpson was busted lip-syncing on live TV, then covered up doing a hoedown dance?

Not sure about you, I used to watch SNL religiously every Saturday night. Guaranteed smiles and gut-busting laughs.


…I hear SNL (Saturday Night Live) isn’t doing too well with their new cast. True?

Either way, here’s some fun “stuff”-in-a-box that’s guaranteed to put a smile on yo’ face this weekend- and actually every week:

= = = = BEGINNER TAP = = = =

Beginner tap dancing classes Toronto

Beginner tap dancing classes in Toronto

A brand new BEGINNER tap dance session starts this Sunday! We’re the #1 place in Toronto to learn how to tap dance. Info:

= = = = MUSIC = = = =

Need stuff for your playlist? A few tracks I’ve used in tap and hip hop the past few weeks to spice up your own “James Brown’s Hot Tub Party”:

  • “Money In The Bank” Swizz Beatz
  • “Grenade” Bruno Mars
  • “Get On The Floor” The Jacksons
  • “Jammin” Bob Marley
  • “Young Love” Janet Jackson
  • “The Whisper Song” Ying Yang Twins
  • “When We Get By” D’Angelo
  • “El Conguero” Poncho Sanchez
  • “Get Up” Bow Wow
  • “Call Of The Jitterbug” Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Every teacher at BDX has awesome music. So ask them what they’re using!

= = = = VIDEOS = = = =

Posted some entertaining and funny dance videos on our BDX Facebook Fan Page. Take a look (and check out the new “Douchebag” video)

Come to BDX and get your laugh, smile and dance on this weekend. Better than SNL! (maybe) =D

– Shawn B