3 DAYS ONLY: Mind-Boggling Boxing Day Deals at BDX

BDX SALE - Toronto Boxing Day deals

BDX SALE - Toronto Boxing Day deals

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Byfield Dance Experience (BDX) is the first and only dance studio in Canada that offers you a membership for unlimited tap dance & hip hop classes every month. Works just like a health club or gym membership, but WAY cooler. Come discover why Toronto’s #1 Dance Studio for adults adds more FUN and excitement to your life!

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BDX Dance Studio Closed Long Weekend

Got plans this long weekend?

I hope you do. Because if your plans involved coming to a dance class…

…you should change them.

Because BDX will be CLOSED this Saturday and Monday. So come shake your groove thang with us today, Wednesday or Thursday instead. Check this out:


I don’t mean to hog-tie your plans. You’re more than welcome to visit BDX this long weekend. But my #ss won’t be there.

Neither will anyone else. It’ll look like a lone, dusty, lawless road after a wild west shoot-out.

Watch out for tumbleweed. ;-D I’m gonna find a patio and chill with some rocky-road. Maybe some moose tracks. Perhaps even a refreshing grown-up beverage (or three) of the 14% variety… Either way, my rumpshaker will be far, far away from BDX. In the wild wild west perhaps?

So to avoid embarrassment: Get yo’ freak on THIS week! And if you catch me at the saloon, I’ll buy you a round.

– Shawn B

PS: Go here partner:

Dance Highlights From 2009

Just a few photos from a stellar year of dance, arts, and inspiring people.

TV Interview on CBC's Living In TorontoShawn Byfield CBC TV interview with Mary Ito

My new career

The lounge area, in construction

Extreme Dance 2009 Juniors

What memories will you create in 2010? Keep your lens open and you’ll for sure capture some amazing moments.

– Shawn B


Last Minute Gift Shopping Stress?

Perfect Holiday Gift

The Perfect Holiday Gift

Toronto last minute gift shoppers. I just want to say…

It’s not too late to have a stress-free holiday!

For some reason, during the season where we should have the LEAST amount of stress, our society takes on extra burdens with deadlines, shopping and events.

I know the Christmas season is NOT about shopping, but we’ve grown to enjoy the traditional gift giving aspect. Booo to stress.

But I agree, surprises are nice! Of course, gifts shouldn’t be given just because it’s Christmas. Every day is worth celebrating.

Luckily for me, I have a small family here. So I don’t have too many people to shop for. I don’t really want gifts personally- I’m more interested in the quality time of the holidays. And the relaxation.

And the food. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I love eating…

Back to my point: If you’re flustered, and don’t know what to get that special someone, visit the link and look what I got for you.

It’ll help you relieve stress. It will help BDX. And it will put a smile on a special someone’s face.

Get The Perfect Holiday Dance Gift Here

I love a win-win-win situation, don’t you?

Happy Holidays, and I hope this helps.

– Shawn B

Top 5 Reasons Dancers Are Frickin’ Awesome

5 Reasons Why Dancers Are Frickin' Awesome
Here’s something quick that’ll make you happy today! See below:


= = = = = = = = = = = = = =

“Top 5 Reasons Dancers Are Frickin’ Awesome”

* 1.) Dancers Are Frickin’ Healthy:

It’s true. From all the cardio, stretching and regular exercise you get from regular dance classes, dancers are proven to be much healthier than peeps who sit at home watching the game. Or the Shopping Channel. Or CNN.

* 2.) Dancers Have Frickin’ Good Teeth:

Why good teeth? Because of all the water you drink, that’s why. And because you smile all the time. Smart people know dancing instantly puts a smile on your face. Because of this, dancers take pride in dental hygiene.

* 3.) Dancers Are Frickin’ Sexy People:

Imagine this… You go to the club. You see some timid person being a wallflower. Hmmm. You look around, some other person is confidently gettin’ down on the dance floor. NICE. Who’s sexier? Yup, superstar with the moves.

(BTW, people that dance are universally attractive to the opposite sex. Something about having rhythm…’Nuff said.)

* 4.) Dancers Have Good Frickin’ Energy:

Out of breath grasshopper? No huffing and puffing here. Attending dance classes regularly builds your stamina and endurance better than any boring treadmill or stair-climbing-piece-of-crap machine could ever do.

* 5.) Dancers Are Frickin’ Mad Cool:

This goes without saying. Dancers have positive attitudes and love life. They’re frickin’ funny, spontaneous, passionate, intelligent and attentive. Plus, dancers have killer fashion sense and make, like anything, look awesome.

It’s no surprise hipsters who dance make the coolest of friends. And I’ll tell you straight up:

The students at BDX (Byfield Dance Experience) are frickin’ amazing buddies and truly great people.

My question to you…

If you know someone who you think is frickin’ awesome, why not get them a dance pass and show them how you feel?

You’ll see how frickin’ happy it makes them.

And you’ll get extra karma points. =)

Click HERE To Make Someone Frickin’ Happy!

Be awesome,

– Shawn B

–> PS: It’s the Holidays. Yes, I know you’re frickin’ awesome yourself. But this season is for GIVING. You already know how great dance classes at BDX have been, so share the love:

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