How To Get Inspired This Fall – Toronto’s Got Talent

Get Inspired! A short video, I talk about my studio’s dance showcase Toronto’s Got Talent: Wednesday October 19th 2011 at Panasonic Theatre. – It’s the studio’s 2nd year! Can you believe how quickly time has passed? Wasn’t it just a short while ago that I got the keys? Come and support BDX students andContinue reading “How To Get Inspired This Fall – Toronto’s Got Talent”

Start The COUNTDOWN, Because In 21 Days…

Get ready… In 21 days we hit the stage! On Wednesday October 19th, BDX presents “Toronto’s Got TALENT!” This. Is. Epic. Check it out HERE A celebration of 2 years. A showcase of top Toronto dance artists. Secret agents. Ninjas. And the best part? All current BDX students are invited to perform! Here’s what IContinue reading “Start The COUNTDOWN, Because In 21 Days…”

Audience Reactions for NAC English Theatre’s i think i can

You’ve already heard me talk my ear off about how terrific my show i Think i Can is, not just in the Toronto run but currently in the Ottawa production also. So in case you were wondering, here’s what regular people had to say right after viewing a performance… i Think i Can OTTAWA: NationalContinue reading “Audience Reactions for NAC English Theatre’s i think i can”

SNEAK PEEK PART 1: Behind The Scenes Of I Think I Can

SNEAK PEEK PART 1: Behind The Scenes Of I Think I Can So what exactly is “i Think i Can” anyway? It’s basically a show about social skills, teamwork, bullying, schoolyard politics and science, Science, SCIENCE! A crazy teacher tries to get someone in her class to win 1st prize at the science fair. OfContinue reading “SNEAK PEEK PART 1: Behind The Scenes Of I Think I Can”

A MUST SEE: The Dance Migration Presents Os Elementos

SO. I’ll try to keep this short. If you’re a fan of vivid dance choreography, a fan of passionate artists, and a fan of powerful Brazilian music, this show is a must-see. Here’s why… Last year’s The Dance Migration Toronto show was a smash. The company is inspired by choreographer Adrianna Yanuziello, who I hadContinue reading “A MUST SEE: The Dance Migration Presents Os Elementos”

ONEymoon A Best Pick at 2010 Toronto Fringe Festival

A Fringe Festival Hit: Bartelse’s Play ONEymoon Delivers Comedy, Dance & More at Toronto Fringe Festival ONEymoon tells the story of one woman who decides to marry herself! Performed by Christel Bartelse – Directed by Jimmy Hogg With ambiguous feelings about the institution of marriage and unwilling to commit to anything less than perfection, CarolineContinue reading “ONEymoon A Best Pick at 2010 Toronto Fringe Festival”

Toronto Dance Holiday Event Details

Hey friends, The “Toronto Holiday Bonanza and Dance Celebration” is quickly approaching! Here’s the flyer… As mentioned in my last post, it’s time for a new Toronto dance studio. As well as much needed dance rehearsal space for dance companies of all styles. All the info is at the website: The line up ofContinue reading “Toronto Dance Holiday Event Details”

How To Bring More Dance To Toronto

Ok, so this post is about how I plan to bring more dance to Toronto. But before I share my plan, here’s a few pictures from my weekend! I was a judge for the O.U.C.H. Hip Hop University Competition at McMaster University: Love that sign! I do this every day… McMaster University team took theContinue reading “How To Bring More Dance To Toronto”

So You Think You Can Dance Canada Premiere

Put on Your Dancing Shoes! CTV Announces Highly-Anticipated Premiere of So You Think You Can Dance Canada, September 11 — Broadcast details unveiled for hot new Canadian format of the #1 hit series — — features images, videos and expanded content – — Encore episodes premiere September 14 on MuchMusic — “Canada has someContinue reading “So You Think You Can Dance Canada Premiere”

Emmy Nominations And Dance Mix Well

So, the 2008 Prime Time Emmy Awards are coming in September. If you don’t know what the Emmy Awards are, it’s an annual awards show that “celebrates excellence in national prime time programming.” Quality television shows receive a nomination, that is voted on by the Academy. Kinda like the Oscars. FYI: Canada’s similar broadcast isContinue reading “Emmy Nominations And Dance Mix Well”