PHOTO: The Games They Play

Men & Women. Or should I say, WOMEN & men!

This was a shoot from last night. I call this “The Games They Play.” Don’t confuse attention for affection.

– Shawn B

PS: If you didn’t know, I shoot a few pics. I only work with dancers. I’ll start posting more. It’s a great creative outlet and I love capturing energy, personality and everyone’s unique sexiness. Tweet me or email me if you want some photo love or like what you see.

Awesome! Toronto Dance Audition Photos

BDX Toronto hip hop dance audition photos

BDX Toronto hip hop dance audition pics

Dance audition Shawn Byfield and Hollywood

Dance audition Shawn Byfield and Hollywood

Love dance in Toronto? Check out these hi-res photos from our recent BDX Street Team dance audition. Huge thank you to Wes Wilson for capturing the event!

Click an image or click here to see more dance photos on flickr from the audition.

– Shawn Byfield

Toronto top dance studio for adults BDX

Toronto top dance studio for adults BDX

Toronto Dance Audition Behind The Scenes

Toronto Dance Audition Behind The Scenes

Toronto Dance Audition Behind The Scenes

Toronto Dance Audition

On Friday, we held a dance audition in Toronto for my new BDX Street Team. Great turnout of hot, sexy dancers! Everyone was ready to learn, support every dancer in the room and finally show their stuff.

I started with an introduction and shared the purpose of the dance audition. Looking for dancers who fit the inviting energy and positive dynamic of Byfield Dance Experience.

We discussed how we only need so many dancers who are at a strong level in terms of dance technique and performance. As much as I’d love to accept everyone on the team, not all will make the cut. And that’s ok, that’s just the reality of how a dance audition works.

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I introduced many of my BDX team behind the table who came to support, film, take photos and notes. The pressure was on- with 2 video cameras and 3 still cameras rolling!

Hip hop dance teachers Cartoon and Hollywood encouraged the group to dance with passion, pay attention to details and use opportunities to bring out their personality. These are important notes that not only apply to a dance audition, but to anytime you set foot in a dance class

…because not only does it improve your game, but you also raise the bar and energy of everyone around you. Many dance auditions in Toronto can be stressful, but we proved that at BDX that pressure only makes you a better artist and performer.

It’s important to remember that when you’re at an audition, it’s not always about YOU. Don’t be selfish. Yes, dance your fullest and show what you have to offer. But by continuously encouraging your peers to achieve their fullest potential is a greater reward in itself.

Toronto Dance Audition at BDX

Toronto Dance Audition at BDX

Congratulations to everyone who came to audition, you should be tremendously proud of yourselves!

– Shawn B

Dance Highlights From 2009

Just a few photos from a stellar year of dance, arts, and inspiring people.

TV Interview on CBC's Living In TorontoShawn Byfield CBC TV interview with Mary Ito

My new career

The lounge area, in construction

Extreme Dance 2009 Juniors

What memories will you create in 2010? Keep your lens open and you’ll for sure capture some amazing moments.

– Shawn B