Attention-Grabbing Headshots: Do YOUR Photos Stand Out?

Do you have quality dance or actor headshots that stand out from the rest? If you’re a dancer, actor or model who’s serious about launching a career in the arts and entertainment, your headshots can leave an impression… but is it a lasting one? Will the choreographer, director or fashion expert want to hire youContinue reading “Attention-Grabbing Headshots: Do YOUR Photos Stand Out?”

SMILE! More Incredibly Attractive Headshots In Toronto

SMILE! More Incredibly Attractive Headshots In Toronto Here’s more head shots and photos of dancers, models, actors and teachers I’ve shot recently. So where can you get headshots in Toronto exactly? Either at my Toronto dance studio Byfield Dance Experience, at my bright apartment, or at a creative non-distracting location with good light. To takeContinue reading “SMILE! More Incredibly Attractive Headshots In Toronto”

PHOTO: The Games They Play

Men & Women. Or should I say, WOMEN & men! This was a shoot from last night. I call this “The Games They Play.” Don’t confuse attention for affection. – Shawn B PS: If you didn’t know, I shoot a few pics. I only work with dancers. I’ll start posting more. It’s a great creativeContinue reading “PHOTO: The Games They Play”

Dance Family Photos

Man, dancing brings so many people together! Just thought I’d share a few totally random dance photos from various dance classes, local events, dance workshops & competitions I’ve been involved with. Fun times! What do you remember or recognize? Leave your thoughts in the comment box… – Shawn B