Dancing With Sesame Street

Dancing With Sesame Street Can you tell me how to DANCE- how to dance with Sesame Street! Ok, this is a cute video. If Elmo, Abby and Cookie Monster can freely dance without a care in the world, what are YOU waiting for? Clearly they’re proof that dancing keeps us all looking young. 😉 Here’sContinue reading “Dancing With Sesame Street”

Holiday Celebration Footage – Dance Classes

  Holiday Celebration – Dance Classes on Vimeo on Vimeo Here’s a link to dance footage from my Holiday Dance Event.  I explain everything in the video. Not bad for a couple classes gang, congratulations to all! – Shawn B

VIDEO PROOF: Anyone Can Dance

Here’s footage of my Toronto adult dance students in hip hop dance class and tap dance class. Most of the dancers in the videos have only taken class with me for LESS than a year. The videos tell it all. Adult Tap Dance Choreography Learn about Toronto adult tap dance classes Toronto Dance Class- RadarContinue reading “VIDEO PROOF: Anyone Can Dance”

Toronto Halloween Dance Party Madness

Last night was our first Halloween Dance Party at Six Degrees Nightclub. And man, what a dance party it was! It proved Toronto likes to get down. I taught a free basic dance lesson to Michael Jackson’s THRILLER. Fun times! I must say, it’s so friggin’ cool seeing an entire club full of zombies danceContinue reading “Toronto Halloween Dance Party Madness”

Toronto Dance Class Website- Excellent New Resource

Hey dancers, If you live in Toronto or the GTA, you’ll love the new Toronto Dance Class.com website! It’s a new resource dance website that breaks my Toronto dance classes down into levels. So if you’re looking for a beginner dance lesson, or an advanced dance class in Toronto, this website will help you findContinue reading “Toronto Dance Class Website- Excellent New Resource”

Tap Dance or Hip Hop Dance Class? Toronto Speaks Out

I’m back in Toronto from an inspiring near two weeks in chilly Scotland and sunny California! I choreographed HAIRSPRAY at GAMTA, a music theatre university in Glasgow (Glasgow Academy for Music Theatre Arts) and attended a weekend marketing summit in Anaheim. Here’s some pics of me hangin’: Hangin with my friend Nieve, Miss UK 2007Continue reading “Tap Dance or Hip Hop Dance Class? Toronto Speaks Out”