Do Smiles And Positive Energy REALLY Matter?


Do Smiles And Positive Energy REALLY Matter?

Well, think about it.

You work hard. School assignments stress you out. Your co-workers are incompetent and you’re not paid what you’re worth. Gas is friggin expensive. And lately, so are the bananas at your grocery store (and they’re not even ripe! WTF).

You have over 100 channels and there’s nothing to watch except reality TV (Thank God for Tina Fey & David Duchovny). Flow radio sounds like everything else, and your phone company ironically has the WORST customer service…

To top it off, your neighbours are annoying and nosy. This season won’t make up its mind… Seriously? And damn you Windows and your constant errors, unnecessary dialogue boxes and your lameness!

So in a world of meh, blah, gahhh & arrgg… A SMILE can make all the difference.

Come get your daily dose of ahhh, mmmm and YAY!

– Shawn B

PS: That’s Natacia. Her and Bonnie always have a smile waiting for you at reception!

3 DAYS ONLY: Mind-Boggling Boxing Day Deals at BDX

BDX SALE - Toronto Boxing Day deals

BDX SALE - Toronto Boxing Day deals

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Byfield Dance Experience (BDX) is the first and only dance studio in Canada that offers you a membership for unlimited tap dance & hip hop classes every month. Works just like a health club or gym membership, but WAY cooler. Come discover why Toronto’s #1 Dance Studio for adults adds more FUN and excitement to your life!

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Dancers, Need Free Advice? Attend Toronto Urban Dance Symposium

Toronto Urban Dance Symposium

Toronto Urban Dance Symposium

Toronto Urban Dance Symposium

Hosted by Apolonia Velasquez & Ofilio Sinbadinho

Free Event! Sunday September 12th at City Dance Corps (Must Register in advance)

Have questions about your current and future dance career? Want some solid advice? Then come on down to this dance community event. I’ll be one of the featured panel speakers (Street Dancing Is Art) along with other Toronto arts experts.

You can dance too; ShoTyme will teach a house dance workshop. Hosts Apolonia & Ofilio of Gadfly will give an audition workshop. 3 discussion sessions will be lead by Toronto’s dance industry pros. Plus free snacks, giveaways and a day of inspiration!

Registration starts 3pm. Space is limited.

Click Here For Schedule and Get Tickets

If you’re a dancer needing insider advice and inspiration, don’t miss this informative event.

– Shawn Byfield