Black Holes, Photosynthesis And Electomagnetic Coils – For Dummies

Ever wonder about this confusing science stuff? I hear ya. In the award-winning show i Think i Can, the class science teacher Miss McColl (hilariously played by Melody Johnson) energizes her students with her passion for physics and discovery and challenges them to win First Prize at this year’s Science Fair. But what the heckContinue reading “Black Holes, Photosynthesis And Electomagnetic Coils – For Dummies”

Cast of I Think I Can: Kyle Brown and Jennifer Stewart

Behind the scenes in Ottawa with I Think I Can cast members Jennifer Stewart and Kyle Brown. Backpack! Tweet us at: National Arts Centre for info:

Ottawa! FREE Dance Classes on Family Day

As a treat for Ontario Family Day, Monday, February 21, the NAC English Theatre is offering a free event for families. From 12 noon to 4 p.m., you and your children are invited to a special afternoon of hands-on activities, storytelling, arts & crafts, theatre games and exciting dance workshops with Shawn Byfield, co-creator ofContinue reading “Ottawa! FREE Dance Classes on Family Day”