How Your MINDSET Could Cause INJURIES!

Have you been injured? Are you hurt right now? I’m sure you agree, injuries SUCK. And sometimes, we get injured because we’re not taking the time to take care of our head space. Could overwhelm be the cause? Watch this for my recommendation on what else you should be resting! Need an event speaker, danceContinue reading “How Your MINDSET Could Cause INJURIES!”

DANCERS: Here’s 3 Stupid-Simple Tips To Take Care Of Your Body

These 3 healthy tips are so easy, ANYONE can do them! Watch, learn and apply. Which one will you apply today? Watch below to discover what they are! Need an event speaker, dance choreographer or personal coach? Connect with me here.  ALSO: A great resource for dance teachers, students, and dance lovers of all ages,Continue reading “DANCERS: Here’s 3 Stupid-Simple Tips To Take Care Of Your Body”