Spark Dance Competition Lights Up The Stage- Just In Time For The Holidays

Spark Dance Competition 2013 A few shots from the semi finals of Spark Show Production’s dance talent contest at Market Village in Markham. My Toronto dance studio Byfield Dance Experience is one of the prestigious sponsors for the event, and I’m one of the judges for the competition. The finals are Saturday December 7th (TOMORROW)Continue reading “Spark Dance Competition Lights Up The Stage- Just In Time For The Holidays”

Toronto Dance Studio Donates Funds For Haiti Relief

Toronto Dance Studio Donates Funds For Haiti Relief Toronto, ON (May 21, 2010): Dance truly can, and does- make a difference. A thank you letter to Byfield Dance Experience, for funds donated to the Canadian Red Cross after hosting “Hip Hop For Haiti” fundraising event at our dance school in Toronto. “Hip Hop For Haiti” wasContinue reading “Toronto Dance Studio Donates Funds For Haiti Relief”

Dance Family Photos

Man, dancing brings so many people together! Just thought I’d share a few totally random dance photos from various dance classes, local events, dance workshops & competitions I’ve been involved with. Fun times! What do you remember or recognize? Leave your thoughts in the comment box… – Shawn B

Toronto Holiday Event Sneek Peek Video

Tomorrow’s the big day! The Toronto Holiday Bonanza and Dance Celebration is a few hours away. Anyone who’s a fan of dance in Toronto, loves to take dance classes and is a supporter of the Toronto arts scene needs to be at this event. Here’s a sneek peek video showing you the club, and whereContinue reading “Toronto Holiday Event Sneek Peek Video”