How YOU See Yourself: Is Your Self-Image Holding You Back?

Tonight’s wisdom:

“Science and psychology have isolated the one prime cause for success or failure in life. It is the hidden self-image you have of yourself.” – Bob Proctor

In tonight’s hip hop dance class, I touched on how we oooh and ahhh over dancers killing it in videos, working their confidence on TV shows, being fierce on YouTube. But then when it comes time for US to perform in class…

…we shy away from our sex appeal, become timid, self-doubt, and for whatever reasons we put in our head… we don’t share our confident self.

What’s the ONLY difference between you and those dancers on YouTube?

They made a DECISION to BE confident. To BE sexy. To BE somebody that lets their passion shine through. They all had to learn “steps” just like you and I. From count one to count 8. Anyone can learn dance steps.

But what sets those who inspire you apart from the rest is the fact that they lead with passion and self-confidence, among other things that have NOTHING to do with steps. I believe in every single person that comes my way. You’ll learn the steps. That’s secondary.

I encourage you all to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF first. Believe you’re just as capable. And believe you’re worthy of praise not just from your teacher or coach, but from YOURSELF.

Give yourself the benefit of the doubt- you CAN be just like them. JUST BELIEVE, make a DECISION, and stop getting in your own way.



SquareShawnAbout The Author: Shawn Byfield ( is an award winning choreographer, show director and a leading expert in dance lessons and industry advice. His extremely fun approach to learning is a must for anyone looking to achieve their highest potential through dance. Visit for Canada’s #1 dance classes for adults.

New BDX Studio Blogsite!

New site for Toronto dance studio Byfield Dance Experience

New site for Toronto dance studio Byfield Dance Experience

Take a look… The brand-new Blogsite for Byfield Dance Experience is a go! I’m a bit slow, but slow and steady wins the race right? Your new BDX home away from home is finally:

“Fully automated… and unstoppable.”
– Miriam McColl in i Think i Can

Why a “Blogsite?” instead of a regular website, you ask? 5 reasons:

  1. Because we’re different. At BDX we’re interactive. And a blog let’s you connect with us through videos, photos, polls and more.
  2. Because so much happens weekly, a blog captures that energy and excitement. BDX isn’t boring, so a plain old boring website just won’t cut it.
  3. Because with a blog, it’s easy to share news and studio updates, from anywhere. At like, any time.
  4. Because unlike other studios, we think WAY outside the box. The blog allows our students to participate in our forward thinking genius.
  5. Google likes blogs. And we all like Google. Fresh, updated content keeps our dance classes easy to find in the search engine when you’re iching to throw down.

Click here to check ‘er out.

Thanks for your support friends! The steps are all coming together.

Dance info still points to my current website, but that will also change soon. New dance stuff will be on the BDX blogsite regularly, so bookmark the page, add to your favourites and DARE I suggest making it your homepage? It even looks kinda nifty in your Android phone or iThingy.

And it’s ready for you to SHARE to your peeps. Go there now and share away!

– Shawn B

PS: Let me know what you think. And don’t forget to LIKE us when you get there! You’ll see the Facebook LIKE link waiting for you.

New site for Toronto dance studio Byfield Dance Experience

New site for Toronto dance studio Byfield Dance Experience

Toronto Instructors Team Up For Hip Hop For Hope

Sunday June 26, 2011
4:00pm to 8:00pm

LOCATION: Canada’s National Ballet School
400 Jarvis Street, Toronto PRICE: $20 (for 1, 2 or all 3 classes)

All classes will be OPEN LEVEL so that everyone can attend!
All proceeds are going to Princess Margaret Hospital!


Shawn Byfield BDX – Byfield Dance Experience)

Dustin Pym (GeoMetrix)

Apolonia Velasquez & Ofilio Sinbadinho (Gadfly)

Advanced registration is required!
For registration details visit:!/event.php?eid=193894547309592
OR contact us at

Proven Advice To Make This Your Best Year Yet – Starting TODAY

Proven Advice To Make This Your Best Year Yet – Starting TODAY

Happy New Year! Now that I got the formality out of the way, let me go out on a limb. I’m willing to bet that this new year is no different than last.

Correct me if I’m wrong… but I’m sure I can safely say you started out with goals and aspirations. Which probably started out ok, until those dreams got sidetracked with family issues, insecurities, debt and roller coaster rides.

Hey, that’s part of life. We all experience the ups and downs, and that’s ok too. But let me get right to the point: Don’t EVER doubt the potential of your dreams.

I’m telling you, don’t do it.

Listen.  I’m not a psychologist. And I’m no Dr. Phil. I dance for a living. But because of my profession and experience, I’m 100% qualified to tell you this:

“Yes, you can absolutely, totally do WHATEVER you want. And you CAN achieve whatever your heart desires.”

It’s true. Now here’s my reality check for you. I call it “tough love…”

Nothing in life is predictable. We DON’T know what’s going to happen one day to the next. You can not control absolutely everything. Even science is made up of “theories” that hold their ground for a while, until the next “theory” replaces it.

And in our lives, there’s an infinite amount of possibilities on what could happen to us tomorrow. That’s reality. We simply don’t know what will happen tomorrow.

But the “bumpy roller coaster of life” is a guaranteed experience. You can always say with confidence that you WILL have some sort of drama, emergency, and upset that throws you off course. There has never, and I mean NEVER- been a human being on this planet that had a completely smooth, hassle-free, life long journey.

So if you want to sit there and whine “poor me… why me?…” then guess what? The rest of the world is going through it too.

So what makes YOU different?

My friend, here’s the most amazing, life changing advice I can offer. Brian Tracy (yes, THE Brian Tracy) shared this with me and some colleagues last year:

“The most important part of today is what you do afterwards”

Listen. We ALL have a purpose. We ALL have big dreams, passions, and adventures we want to experience. What makes you different is what you DO afterwards…

Will you end today without taking action? Wishing and daydreaming something will happen? Or are you going to end today by listening to that inner voice telling you it’s ok to take a step, and just go for it?

I hope you choose to take a step! It doesn’t have to be huge, or 10 steps today. Just taking ONE is better than standing still.

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Here’s another thing not in my skill set: I’m no psychic. But I CAN promise you this: If you keep doing what you’re always doing, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.

In science, every stimulus needs a response. In the words of Einstein:

“Nothing happens until something moves.”

This year, I encourage you to MOVE. That’s all. JUST MOVE. Just by taking one small step, you’re not standing still.

If you take just one small step every day, you build your confidence as you gain momentum. Imagine how much closer to your goals you can be one year from now!

I believe ANYONE CAN DANCE. I’ve always believed that, and that’s what I do. I teach anyone to dance, and let them know it’s totally ok to make mistakes. That’s how we learn to do things better.

Do I have ups and downs? Absolutely. Every week. Sometimes every day. I’m great at some things and suck at others. So what? Nobody’s perfect.* So I keep learning and keep moving forward, and I urge you to do the same. Trust yourself, take the leap, and ask the Universe for guidance.

* SIDE NOTE: Get over it. Get over the notion that you have to be “perfect” at everything. NOBODY is perfect, except Jesus. Do you seriously believe you’re that holy? You’re going to be bad at stuff, so GET OVER IT and move on.

What do you believe in? What do you want to do? What do you need more of?

Some people want, and need, to dance… Turns out that I’m qualified to help! (Click here to improve your dance skills)

Others want a new job, more money, want to travel to Cambodia, learn to cook, become a model, be a public speaker, graduate, learn kung-fu, get a new certification, become the boss, write a book, backpack across Europe, sail around the world, work for themselves, aid the poor, raise healthy children… and a million other things that make us feel appreciated, empowered and valuable.

“If you want to reap the rewards of believing in yourself, you must take a step TODAY.”

Start by listening to your gut. Stop tuning out that inner voice. It’s YOUR VOICE, so listen to it. Yes, you CAN have whatever you want out of life this year. MOVE towards getting it, and you just might amaze yourself.

I wish you a wildly successful and adventurous New Year! And remember to enjoy the roller coaster ride. 😉

– Shawn Byfield

About The Author:

Shawn Byfield ( is an award winning choreographer, show director and a leading expert in dance lessons and industry advice. His extremely fun approach to learning is a must for anyone looking to achieve their highest potential through dance.

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