Toronto Dance Lovers: Why You Should GROW Your Hair

Toronto dance classes at Byfield Dance Experience

Toronto dance classes at Byfield Dance Experience

Love hip hop or tap dance?

Better question: Do you have hair?

Why You Shouldn’t Shave This November

If you’re looking for the perfect dance class in Toronto for adults, this blog post shows how your shaggy hair gets you access to one of Toronto’s best options for dance class: BDX! Bring your moustache or hairy armpits and find out what’s shaving at my Toronto dance studio.

– @ShawnByfield

New BDX Studio Blogsite!

New site for Toronto dance studio Byfield Dance Experience

New site for Toronto dance studio Byfield Dance Experience

Take a look… The brand-new Blogsite for Byfield Dance Experience is a go! I’m a bit slow, but slow and steady wins the race right? Your new BDX home away from home is finally:

“Fully automated… and unstoppable.”
– Miriam McColl in i Think i Can

Why a “Blogsite?” instead of a regular website, you ask? 5 reasons:

  1. Because we’re different. At BDX we’re interactive. And a blog let’s you connect with us through videos, photos, polls and more.
  2. Because so much happens weekly, a blog captures that energy and excitement. BDX isn’t boring, so a plain old boring website just won’t cut it.
  3. Because with a blog, it’s easy to share news and studio updates, from anywhere. At like, any time.
  4. Because unlike other studios, we think WAY outside the box. The blog allows our students to participate in our forward thinking genius.
  5. Google likes blogs. And we all like Google. Fresh, updated content keeps our dance classes easy to find in the search engine when you’re iching to throw down.

Click here to check ‘er out.

Thanks for your support friends! The steps are all coming together.

Dance info still points to my current website, but that will also change soon. New dance stuff will be on the BDX blogsite regularly, so bookmark the page, add to your favourites and DARE I suggest making it your homepage? It even looks kinda nifty in your Android phone or iThingy.

And it’s ready for you to SHARE to your peeps. Go there now and share away!

– Shawn B

PS: Let me know what you think. And don’t forget to LIKE us when you get there! You’ll see the Facebook LIKE link waiting for you.

New site for Toronto dance studio Byfield Dance Experience

New site for Toronto dance studio Byfield Dance Experience

Do Smiles And Positive Energy REALLY Matter?


Do Smiles And Positive Energy REALLY Matter?

Well, think about it.

You work hard. School assignments stress you out. Your co-workers are incompetent and you’re not paid what you’re worth. Gas is friggin expensive. And lately, so are the bananas at your grocery store (and they’re not even ripe! WTF).

You have over 100 channels and there’s nothing to watch except reality TV (Thank God for Tina Fey & David Duchovny). Flow radio sounds like everything else, and your phone company ironically has the WORST customer service…

To top it off, your neighbours are annoying and nosy. This season won’t make up its mind… Seriously? And damn you Windows and your constant errors, unnecessary dialogue boxes and your lameness!

So in a world of meh, blah, gahhh & arrgg… A SMILE can make all the difference.

Come get your daily dose of ahhh, mmmm and YAY!

– Shawn B

PS: That’s Natacia. Her and Bonnie always have a smile waiting for you at reception!