The Ugly Reality Check About Dancing In A Comfort Bubble

IMPORTANT STUFF! Click here to read it all larger… Taking a dance class in Toronto? Here’s terrific wisdom every dancer should take to heart. Apply to not just hip hop or tap dance class, but to every dance style you do. Get Info On Toronto’s Top Adult Dance Classes For BEGINNERS At Byfield Dance ExperienceContinue reading “The Ugly Reality Check About Dancing In A Comfort Bubble”

Get INSPIRED! You CAN Change Your Life This Autumn

Ahh, the holidays. A time we think most of our family, of goodwill and of a peaceful society. And, the holidays are a time for reflection. We reflect on our past year, and look forward to the future. Some of us, however, get anxious this time of year because of the extra hustle bustle. TheContinue reading “Get INSPIRED! You CAN Change Your Life This Autumn”

Fulfill Your Goals- Starting TODAY

“How To Listen To Your Gut, Follow Your Dreams And Finally Fulfill Your Deepest Desires- Starting TODAY” Happy New Year! Now that I got the formality out of the way, let me go out on a limb. I’m willing to bet that this new year is no different than last. Correct me if I’m wrong…Continue reading “Fulfill Your Goals- Starting TODAY”

Free Hip Hop and Tap Dance Articles

So just yesterday, I added a new free resource on my website- my dance articles page. I find it’s hard to get useful dance information from so many sources available online, so I’ve just created one simple spot where you can find useful articles about dance and life. I’ve written them myself, and will beContinue reading “Free Hip Hop and Tap Dance Articles”