AMAZING! How Neuroscience Affects Your Daily Life

Neuroscience is amazing!

Neuroscience is basically the science of the brain, how it communicates to itself and how it makes our body work. One of the most fascinating observations about the brain is this… The quality of your thoughts 🤔 has a huge impact on the quality of your LIFE. 🌞

Science says we think somewhere around 50,000 thoughts DAILY. And many of those thoughts are how we feel about ourselves. 💭

That’s a lot of thoughts!!

So. If we’re gonna think that much, let’s give our brain thoughts that are nurturing, healthy and encouraging! 😁

Here’s SOMETHING You Can Try To Defeat Daily Negative News

I work hard to make a positive contribution to this planet in all that I do. Period.

Bringing joy to people’s lives, removing doubt, building confidence, and setting a positive example is being part of the SOLUTION. I refuse to be part of the problem and seen as a stereotype. I resist being typecast, there’s enough of that on TV. I refuse to let these daily negative news stories derail me from my purpose.

But I gotta say, as each week unfolds, it’s becoming more and more challenging to climb this mountain…

Anybody feel me?

Here’s what I try to do. Maybe it’ll help someone reading this:

The quickest way to make a difference is to be actionable. Every day, DO SOMETHING that makes people remember their purpose. DO SOMETHING that brings joy to lives. DO SOMETHING to remind people that good still exists. DO SOMETHING to enrich your community. DO SOMETHING to nourish your own soul and fill your well, so you can pour into others. DO SOMETHING to remind the media that for every 1 negative story, there’s 99 positive ones happening right under your nose you deserve to hear about.

Don’t fall in the trap of aimlessly trolling social media just to comment, judge, and expand hate. You’re better than that, we all are.

* Sigh. *

Dear Bob Marley, Michael Jackson and Marvin Gaye, we need your songs right now.

Through all this heartache around us, I encourage you to be a difference maker. We need to fight for what’s right, and it starts by being a positive light in your family and community. DO SOMETHING to enrich people’s lives every time they meet you. DO SOMETHING to exchange smiles.

Be a teacher, and share a vision of admiration, of connection, and of hope. Be a student, and ask what it takes to bring peace not just to others in your circle, but also to yourself- because sometimes the toughest battle is held in that small space between your ears.

I need every human reading this to FIGHT to be a part of the solution! Because you deserve it.

Who’s in?

If you’re in, share something of VALUE below. No rants. No pointing fingers. No them vs us. No hashtags. Take a moment to say something GOOD, because that’s what the world needs right now.

The Beatles had it right when they sang all we need is ____. You have the power to DO SOMETHING about it, so share some!

Shawn Byfield

As a sought-after presenter, choreographer, coach and entrepreneur, Shawn Byfield’s unique perspective is enjoyed by thousands who train and mentor with him every year. To start learning, yearning, movin’ or groovin’… contact Shawn before today ends.

Motivational public speaker in Canada Shawn Byfield

This Is The Congratulations That High School Graduates Need To Hear

Motivational public speaker in Canada Shawn Byfield

Nowadays, high school is TOUGH. Times HAVE changed.

Every year I see stressed, discouraged, uninspired students who have a lot to deal with. A lot of it surrounds home life balance and support structures. Students have non-school stuff going on that they rarely tell others about- family issues, relationships, mental health, relocations, and more.

Many times you’re forced into adulthood sooner than expected.  You could have chosen to pack up and quit, but you didn’t. You saw it through.

High school is our first major LIFE exam, and the best news is… you passed! What you learned in the last few years of high school will significantly influence the person you’ll become tomorrow. YOU can, and will make a difference. Congratulations! And WELL DONE.

– Shawn Byfield

Shawn Byfield leading host speaker and coach

Just Got Off Stage? Why Congratulations Are In Order

Shawn Byfield leading host speaker and coach

Super Congratulations! You Did It!

Ok… So what did you do exactly?

Here’s what you did: You showed up. You got on stage and shared your passion. You should be extremely proud of yourself! Why?

Because sometimes, those nerves suck.

But look- despite being nervous, you did it! You got up there despite feeling shaky, worried, palms & armpits sweating, thinking you might forget something. I get that. Totally normal.

 But Did You Know?

Did you know being on stage is a really big deal?

Did you know that many people are afraid to just speak in front of their best friends? Or afraid to make a toast? Or get up and talk in front of a group in general?

Meanwhile here YOU are, in front of a crowd of a FEW HUNDRED people you’ve never met, being vulnerable, DANCING, sharing something so personal that means the world to you.

I’m so proud! You got up there and showed the world your bravery.


Don’t ever forget that. Remind yourself every day when you wake up and before going to bed. It will make a difference in your life, I guarantee it.

Now Here’s Where We Get Deep:

You have a gift. You absolutely, truly do.

And your gift can make a difference. Want some even better news? Everyone around you has a gift, too. I challenge you to use your gift to inspire others to get on the same stage as you.

Part of your purpose is to SHARE that gift with as many people as possible. Yes sometimes that’s scary…

…BUT! What if you could brighten someone else’s day by sharing what YOU love?

How Would That Make You Feel?

Sometimes, it takes Someone Special Like You to inspire a friend to share THEIR gifts. Because who knows…

…One day they may turn to you and say, “Because of you, I CAN. Because of you, I AM BRAVE. And because you YOU, I can’t wait to do more! Thank you for allowing me to be ME.”

Congrats to you. Keep being brave, because you’re making a difference.

Shawn Byfield =)

PS: I love reading your comments, what is a favourite memory you’d like to share, on or off the stage?

Shawn ByfieldAs a sought-after presenter, coach and entrepreneur, Shawn Byfield’s unique perspective is enjoyed by thousands who train and mentor with him every year. To get your group learning, yearning, movin’ or groovin’… contact Shawn before today ends!