DOCUMENTED PROOF: Dancing Helps Build Confidence

BDX dancers in Toronto hip hop class

BDX dancers in Toronto hip hop class

Here’s DOUCMENTED PROOF that a dance lesson helps to build confidence.

Not just women, but men also experience the esteem-boosting satisfaction a dance class brings. Not many other activities give you the freedom and openness to pose spontaneously!

Remember when we were young and fearless?ย We would do things and say things without inhibitions. Those were the days!

But then something changed…ย As we grew, we became more and more sensitive to how other people would perceive us. We developed a safety bubble to avoid ridicule and rejection. We stopped being bold, started being safe, and lost some of our confidence.

Take a look at the photos. As you can see, the power of dance allows you to recapture your strong, inner child.

From now on, know inside yourself there’s no need to hold back. Starting today, embrace your confidence. Let it out, and just pose!

– Shawn B

About The Author:

Shawn Byfield ( is an award winning dance choreographer, show director and a leading expert in dance lessons and industry advice. His extremely fun approach to learning is a must for anyone looking to achieve their highest potential through dance.

More shots of Toronto dance students at Byfield Dance Experience.

Learning To Dance Makes You A Better Lover

“Top 10 Reasons Why Learning To Dance Makes You A Better Lover”

Brit and Madge kiss... could it be the dancing?

Brit and Madge kiss... could it be the dancing?

NOTE: This article is for adults!

It’s true: Learning to dance actually improves your love life. “If you’re looking to spice up your love life, learning to dance is a sure-fire way to attract the opposite sex” says Shawn Byfield, a leading expert in dance instruction for adults.

Besides the obvious ability to show off your new dance moves, learning to dance comes with many other romantic benefits. Here’s Byfield’s top 10 tips explaining why dancers make better lovers:

1.) Better Rhythm: Hearing the rhythm of the music directly translates into keeping a better rhythm between the sheets. Women appreciate men who can keep a constant rhythm, which leads to a big… well, you know.

2.) Better Confidence: Learning to dance improves your confidence on and off the dance floor. The #1 most attractive trait about a partner is their confidence level. Boldly use your moves to sweep your partner off the dance floor and bring them… somewhere more private.

3.) Better in Bed: This goes without saying. Watching your partner move well on the dance floor is subconsciously a very sexy indicator of how well they’ll partner with you under the covers.

4.) Better Improvisation skills: Sometimes, things go wrong. And that’s also true in bed. Learning to dance teaches you to improvise and think on your feet. Dancers transform awkward lovemaking situations and improvise new scenarios. Or positions. Or locations. Or…

5.) Better Stamina: Out of breath? Not if you dance regularly. The cardio workout from dancing dramatically boosts your stamina. Which is why dancers always have longer “sexercise” than the average person.

6.) Better Skin: If sweat grosses you out, it shouldn’t. That sweaty dance workout actually helps clear your pores and releases toxins that create pimples, blackheads and acne. So dance often, and reap the rewards of beautiful skin.

7.) Better Flexibility: Can’t touch your toes? Chances are, your love making experience could benefit from a dance class. Regular stretching and warm ups improves your flexibility and circulation throughout your muscles. Nothing’s worse than a leg cramp in the middle of a horizontal mambo… Dancers use their limber limbs to grind to new heights.

notepadTo learn the final three sexy reasons howย  learning to dance can make you a better lover, click here!

Happy dancing…

– Shawn B