What’s The Definition of Insanity?

Definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over yet expecting different results. You can’t stay the same and expect things to change. Albert Einstein said it best… “Nothing happens until something moves.” Ask yourself: Are you moving? Are you growing? Are you doing something different to make a difference? What you think ofContinue reading “What’s The Definition of Insanity?”

Beware! A Fitness Plan Could Make You Feel WORSE- Not Better

Thinking about getting active? If yes, good for you! Because with today’s hectic lifestyle, your health is often the most neglected aspect of your life that you have direct control over. Many people looking to stay healthy tend to sign up for new fitness plans, memberships and activities at the start of the new year, chargedContinue reading “Beware! A Fitness Plan Could Make You Feel WORSE- Not Better”