Experience Sweat. Hip Hop Class at Byfield Dance Experience

Experience Sweat. Hip Hop Dance Class at BDX Experience Sweat. Working on hip hop dance choreography. Behind the scenes on a hip hop dance class at Byfield Dance Experience in Toronto. Sweaty! http://www.ShawnByfield.com/hiphopdance.htm http://www.Youtube.com/theBDXstudio http://www.Twitter.com/BDXstudio

3 DAYS ONLY: Mind-Boggling Boxing Day Deals at BDX

ATTENTION TORONTO BARGAIN HUNTERS: Come enjoy insane Boxing Day savings! ** This page of special boxing day deals DISAPPEARS Tuesday Dec 28th. ** Byfield Dance Experience (BDX) is the first and only dance studio in Canada that offers you a membership for unlimited tap dance & hip hop classes every month. Works just like aContinue reading “3 DAYS ONLY: Mind-Boggling Boxing Day Deals at BDX”

Beware! A Fitness Plan Could Make You Feel WORSE- Not Better

Thinking about getting active? If yes, good for you! Because with today’s hectic lifestyle, your health is often the most neglected aspect of your life that you have direct control over. Many people looking to stay healthy tend to sign up for new fitness plans, memberships and activities at the start of the new year, chargedContinue reading “Beware! A Fitness Plan Could Make You Feel WORSE- Not Better”