Dance Coach Saves Toronto City Hall

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s Ugly Crack Habit, Booze Addiction And Spiralling Depression Saved By Dance Class Intervention (Toronto ON- November 18, 2013) It’s not easy to kick a bad habit. But kicks, along with jumps and basic footwork- are exactly what Toronto Mayor Rob Ford needs. A hip hop dance class is a healthy choiceContinue reading “Dance Coach Saves Toronto City Hall”

Repost: How Hip Hop Dance Boosts Your Energy

(From The Dance Choreographer blog) Springtime showers bringing you down lately? Not as happy, motivated or inspired as you’d like to be? Yup, we all feel the effects of cloudy weather. But here’s an easy way to pick you mood up: Hip hop dance classes are an instant boost to your energy… Click Here to read theContinue reading “Repost: How Hip Hop Dance Boosts Your Energy”