Why You Should Experience Laughter This Holiday

Experience Laughter at Byfield Dance Experience

Experience Laughter at Byfield Dance Experience Toronto

They say laughter is the best medicine.

How often do you laugh? Hourly? Daily? Only weekly? If you’re stressed with work, overcome by burdens and challenged with the roller coaster rides life throws at you, there’s a guaranteed cure for that anxiety: LAUGHTER.

Mistakes happen, things happen, LIFE happens. Stop taking things so seriously! Get over it. Never be afraid to laugh at yourself this holiday. And  you know what? At BDX studio, we laugh every dance class. Sometimes at a joke. Often at a dance teacher. And other times? Simply at ourselves.

Laughter feels GREAT! And is wonderful for your overall health and sanity. In the coming New Year, make it your #1 priority to find some terrific friends to celebrate with, and enjoy a good chuckle.

Laugh it off! And enjoy your celebrations.

– Shawn B

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A PERFECT gift idea in Toronto

A PERFECT gift idea in Toronto

DOCUMENTED PROOF: Dancing Helps Build Confidence

BDX dancers in Toronto hip hop class

BDX dancers in Toronto hip hop class

Here’s DOUCMENTED PROOF that a dance lesson helps to build confidence.

Not just women, but men also experience the esteem-boosting satisfaction a dance class brings. Not many other activities give you the freedom and openness to pose spontaneously!

Remember when we were young and fearless? We would do things and say things without inhibitions. Those were the days!

But then something changed… As we grew, we became more and more sensitive to how other people would perceive us. We developed a safety bubble to avoid ridicule and rejection. We stopped being bold, started being safe, and lost some of our confidence.

Take a look at the photos. As you can see, the power of dance allows you to recapture your strong, inner child.

From now on, know inside yourself there’s no need to hold back. Starting today, embrace your confidence. Let it out, and just pose!

– Shawn B

About The Author:

Shawn Byfield (www.ShawnByfield.com) is an award winning dance choreographer, show director and a leading expert in dance lessons and industry advice. His extremely fun approach to learning is a must for anyone looking to achieve their highest potential through dance.

More shots of Toronto dance students at Byfield Dance Experience.

Two New Toronto Hip Hop Classes Added To Schedule

Two New Toronto Hip Hop Classes Added To Schedule!


That’s right hip hop dance lovers, I’ve added not just one, but TWO beginner hip hop dance classes to the schedule at Byfield Dance Experience. Here’s when they start:

  1. 11 am BEGINNER hip hop starting Saturday November 14th. Perfect if you’re already up early Saturday morning. This allows you to enjoy more of your weekend (starting with a friggin’ awesome hip hop class, of course!).
  2. 6:15 pm BEGINNER hip hop starting Monday November 16th. Excellent choice to start your week off on the right foot and de-stress from Manic Monday. Plus, you’ll burn off all that bad food you ate all day…

As you already know, we’re working diligently to create an inspiring dance studio environment while growing our numbers. But I always want to make sure you have enough space to throw down without feeling overwhelmed or crowded.

And with dance class prices that are affordable for everyone, you can’t go wrong.

Click here for directions to Byfield Dance Experience

If you’re serious about adding some FUN to your life, come join us!

– Shawn B

PS: When you get there, click the icon for a FREE hip hop dance class at BDX!