Dance Coach Saves Toronto City Hall

Dance Intervention for Mayor Rob Ford? (Rick Madonik/Toronto Star)

Dance Intervention for Mayor Rob Ford? (Rick Madonik/Toronto Star)

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s Ugly Crack Habit, Booze Addiction And Spiralling Depression Saved By Dance Class Intervention

(Toronto ON- November 18, 2013) It’s not easy to kick a bad habit. But kicks, along with jumps and basic footwork- are exactly what Toronto Mayor Rob Ford needs. A hip hop dance class is a healthy choice that will finally end the Toronto Mayor’s shocking substance abuse, anger issues and his overuse of alcohol.

Enough is enough! It’s time for an intervention. Our Mayor needs to know there is help. And dancing is a proven alternative to the crack pipe,” shares leading dance authority Shawn Byfield, and owner of popular dance school Byfield Dance Experience. “Dance puts you in a great mood by boosting endorphins in your body, which gives you a rush and that ‘high’ feeling. Drugs and alcohol do that artificially. Plus, a sweaty session on the dance floor helps you relax after.”

With the multitude of tasks required to manage city hall, no wonder the city’s Mayor is under so much pressure to escape the daily stress. Running Canada’s top marketplace clearly has a toll on Toronto’s top employee. Byfield’s prescription? “A beginner hip hop dance class twice weekly is an excellent start. I’d even give him free classes because I know it will change his attitude right away- and that’s exactly what our city deserves.”

With all the bad press of his overuse of drugs and alcohol, Mayor Ford has nothing to lose by trying a natural alternative. But there’s a catch, Byfield warns. “Dancing can be quite addictive… But dance is the purest form of stimulant with zero side effects. In fact, Ford may even lose a few pounds.”

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Shawn Byfield Dance Authority & EntrepreneurShawn Byfield is an award-winning choreographer, leading dance coach and owner of Toronto’s favourite dance studio Byfield Dance Experience. Shawn teaches residents how to lose weight and boost confidence- all while having fun learning head-turning moves on the dance floor. CONTACT SHAWN TODAY

Celebrate National Tap Dance Day in Toronto With Free Tap Classes

National Tap Dance Day in Toronto at Byfield Dance Experience

National Tap Dance Day in Toronto at Byfield Dance Experience

Toronto Celebrates NATIONAL TAP DANCE DAY 2013

…And Why This Award-Winning Choreographer Gives FREE Tap Dance Classes To The Public

Toronto, ON: Time to grab your tap shoes. Because on Saturday May 25th,
dancers across the city will eagerly celebrate National Tap Dance Day.

The date honours the birthday of famous tap dancer and film star Bill
“Bojangles” Robinson (born May 25, 1878.) Bojangles was famous for his work
teaching and performing with Shirley Temple, and had a charming stage presence.

Bojangles is far from forgotten. This year, Canadian Choreographer Shawn
Byfield hosts an afternoon of fun tap classes.

“As a kid, I never wanted to dance” shares Byfield, who’s dance career was
inspired at six years old. “But once I saw the magic of tap dance and felt those
rhythms, it changed my life.”

Byfield is a Dora Award winner, a Gemini Award nominee, and veteran of
stage, TV and film. He’s worked with Gregory Hines, Zac Efron and others, and
will be featured in an upcoming movie alongside Derek Hough from Dancing With
The Stars, and Nick Gonzalez from So You Think You Can Dance.

On Saturday May 25th, Byfield will host FREE tap dance classes for dancers
aged 16 and up, at Byfield Dance Experience, 819 Yonge Street, Toronto.

  • 4pm Dancers with lots of tap training
  • 5pm Dancers with a bit of tap training
  • 6pm Dancers with very little tap training

Limited Spots Available, CALL 416-917-1169 to Register

Byfield promises a fun afternoon and encourages all levels of hoofers to
participate and not miss out.

“Dance is a way to escape daily stress, have fun and get energized. I want
everyone to feel the joy of tap dance, without worrying about your wallet.”

But if you’re feeling generous, he adds: “I must however, respect tap dance
tradition and will happily accept tips! I always accept big bills.”

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