ArtBound: The 80’s FAME Party

On Friday September 24th, Artbound will kick it old school for The pARTy: FAME! Artbound is a non-profit volunteer initiative that travels to developing countries to build schools that are dedicated to the arts. BDX Street Team will be volunteering their time to make this event a party to remember. We’re taking it back to theContinue reading “ArtBound: The 80’s FAME Party”

BDX Steps Up In 3D

Don’t miss out Toronto! The Step Up 3D release date is this Friday August 6th. But if you’re one of the lucky few, you’ll get to see a VIP film screening tonight at the Scotiabank Theatre, in the heart of downtown Toronto. The BDX Street Team has been actively involved in promoting the film on, wellContinue reading “BDX Steps Up In 3D”