Discover BDX’s Hip Hop Dance Classes in Toronto

BDX Hip Hop Dance Classes Toronto

BDX Hip Hop Dance Classes in Toronto

Discover BDX’s Hip Hop Dance Classes in Toronto! Daily adult hip hop dance classes, beginners to advanced levels.

Yes, you CAN dance. Watch the video- some of the students there have never taken dance class before. But they just tried.

So just TRY! You might surprise yourself. Worst case scenario: you learn something new, get a great workout, meet awesome people, have a laugh, improve your health, tone up your legs and leave with a sexy glow… and sweaty bum.

– Shawn B

BDX adult hip hop dance classes Toronto

BDX hip hop dance classes Toronto

Why You Should Experience Laughter This Holiday

Experience Laughter at Byfield Dance Experience

Experience Laughter at Byfield Dance Experience Toronto

They say laughter is the best medicine.

How often do you laugh? Hourly? Daily? Only weekly? If you’re stressed with work, overcome by burdens and challenged with the roller coaster rides life throws at you, there’s a guaranteed cure for that anxiety: LAUGHTER.

Mistakes happen, things happen, LIFE happens. Stop taking things so seriously! Get over it. Never be afraid to laugh at yourself this holiday. And  you know what? At BDX studio, we laugh every dance class. Sometimes at a joke. Often at a dance teacher. And other times? Simply at ourselves.

Laughter feels GREAT! And is wonderful for your overall health and sanity. In the coming New Year, make it your #1 priority to find some terrific friends to celebrate with, and enjoy a good chuckle.

Laugh it off! And enjoy your celebrations.

– Shawn B

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A PERFECT gift idea in Toronto

A PERFECT gift idea in Toronto

A Sure Way To Experience Friendship This Season

Experience Friendship at Byfield Dance Experience Toronto

Experience Friendship at Byfield Dance Experience Toronto

Guess what?

The old saying “Good friends are hard to find” is NOT true.

Because at BDX, you’re NEVER short of friends. Celebrate the season with special people. People that make you smile. Buddies that look forward to seeing you every time you show up. Social companions. And people that miss you when you’re away? Well, that’s true love.

Good friends are easy to find! Visit Byfield Dance Experience in Toronto and come see what friendship is all about.

Shawn B

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A Great Gift Idea in Toronto

A Great Gift Idea in Toronto

How One Person Can Inspire A City To Dance

Ever been in a situation where inspiration just hit you? This dance video shows how one person following their passion CAN make a difference.

If this inspires you to learn to dance, take action today! Do something… because Anyone Can Dance. If you enjoyed this video, leave your comment below!

– Shawn B

BTW: At BDX Studio Toronto, your first dance class is free. That’s right- free dance classes in Toronto DO exist! But only if you take action. Leave your comment below with your thoughts.

BDX Dance Audition in Toronto

Toronto dance audition at BDX

Toronto dance audition at BDX

2010 BDX Street Team

Toronto Dance Audition

Do YOU Have The Passion, Skills and Enthusiasm To Become Canada’s Top Street Team? Come Find Out…


AUDITION LOCATION: Byfield Dance Experience (BDX) – 819 Yonge Street, Toronto. Lower Level


Dance Audition begins at 6:00 pm

We’re Looking For:

  • Energetic Dancers 19 and older – who are physically fit with great stamina
  • 7 – 11 dancers for the Street Team
  • Outgoing, approachable and confident leaders
  • Dancers who demonstrate respect and a genuine interest in others
  • Dancers who enjoy interacting with an audience, being on camera and enjoy being social
  • Professional, positive, hard working team players who rise to a challenge

* NOTE: Your  dance audition happens as soon as you enter the building.

You will fill out a registration form and have your photo taken. Everyone will be taught a challenging dance routine combining hip hop, character work and freestyle. You will then be put into groups to perform the routine. We will contact you by email within 5 days if you make the team.

This is a closed dance audition. Viewers are NOT permitted.

You Will Need:

  • To do your hair & makeup as if you are performance ready. No ponytails. No large hoop earrings.
  • DO NOT wear “dance” clothes. Wear a funky wardrobe that shows off your personality and you are comfortable dancing in. Take pride in your personal appearance.
  • CLEAN INDOOR running shoes only. No boots or stiletto heels.
  • Bring a towel and water bottle.

What’s In It For You:

  • Street Team members are representatives of Byfield Dance Experience. Therefore we are looking for the best individuals who will uphold and enhance that reputation.
  • THIS IS NOT a paid position. This is for performance, promotions and training opportunities only. Occasional paid gigs may occur but are NOT guaranteed.
  • Mandatory rehearsals will be twice weekly, 2 hours each. One late week night and Sunday morning. Exact times will be confirmed at audition. You will improve your current skills and learn new ones.
  • Street Team will appear at various public promotions, festivals, showcases and other events.
  • Street Team will have photo shoots and video footage taken regularly that will be broadcast across the country, and will always have access to photos and footage.
  • Team members will not only undergo dance training, but will be given opportunities to assist classes, create choreography, improve public speaking and learn powerful marketing techniques.

    Download the BDX Toronto dance audition info here