Black Canadian Awards: VOTE Shawn Byfield

So if you didn’t know, I OFFICIALLY got word I’m a nominee for the 2014 Black Canadian Awards! (Best Contemporary Dance Act) Here’s the email: “We are excited to inform you of being in our Top 6 nominees from over 20,000 total nominations in the past eight months. We strongly believe all our nominees willContinue reading “Black Canadian Awards: VOTE Shawn Byfield”

EXCITING NEWS! Black Canadian Awards 2014 Nomination Received

EXCITING NEWS: I’ve been nominated for an award! I’m in the top list of nominees for the Black Canadian Awards 2014. Pretty cool huh? The last award I was nominated for was a Gemini Award in 2007. Maybe I’m slow… but I didn’t even know there was a Black Canadian Awards show. Did you know?Continue reading “EXCITING NEWS! Black Canadian Awards 2014 Nomination Received”