TRUE STORY: Directing & Shooting Music Videos Isn’t As Easy As You Think

A music video I shot and co-directed for super talented actor, architect, public speaker and soul hop artist aka Subliminal. Very powerful message in “For My People” sparked from recent turmoil in the U.K. and our global economic and financial crisis. The music video shoot took place on Toronto’s popular Queen Street West, with myContinue reading “TRUE STORY: Directing & Shooting Music Videos Isn’t As Easy As You Think”

BEAT BATTLE: Tap Dance vs Beatbox… Who Won?

Toronto entertainer, actor and beatboxer a.k.a. SUBLIMINAL battles Toronto’s king of Tap Shawn Byfield This is footage from a few years ago, on television show Toronto Dances. Half the TV program featured yours truly. I’m collaborating with the amazing Sean “aka Subliminal” Mauricette. A fun shoot, and the entire show manifested a Gemini Award nominationContinue reading “BEAT BATTLE: Tap Dance vs Beatbox… Who Won?”

FRIDAY NIGHT: Tap Dance Meets Latin Percussion

The percussive energy of latin drumming and tap dance rhythms collide! I’ll be joining SAMBA SQUAD this Friday May 22 at Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto, to celebrate the squad’s 10 year anniversary.  Led by master percussionist Rick Lazar, this group is a non-stop powerhouse of energizing samba, salsa, funk, cuban and more rhythms. My tap shoesContinue reading “FRIDAY NIGHT: Tap Dance Meets Latin Percussion”

Toronto Holiday Event Sneek Peek Video

Tomorrow’s the big day! The Toronto Holiday Bonanza and Dance Celebration is a few hours away. Anyone who’s a fan of dance in Toronto, loves to take dance classes and is a supporter of the Toronto arts scene needs to be at this event. Here’s a sneek peek video showing you the club, and whereContinue reading “Toronto Holiday Event Sneek Peek Video”