Learn To Tap Dance! Beginner Tap Dance Classes Coming

Learn To Tap Dance! Beginner Tap Dance Classes Coming To Toronto True story! NO MORE EXCUSES. You always wanted to learn how to tap dance, but to chicken sh#t to try? Stop getting in your own way and take a course that will teach you the basics of how to tap dance in Toronto. NotContinue reading “Learn To Tap Dance! Beginner Tap Dance Classes Coming”

Tap Dance With Flute And Beatbox

Tap Dance FluteBox – Shawn Byfield & Rahul Bader share an elemental combination of wind, wood and metals to create a spark… tap dance, flute and beatbox. Check out the video to see their unique collaboration. Connect with Toronto tap dance choreographer Shawn Byfield on Twitter Connect with Toronto flute musician Rahul Bader on TwitterContinue reading “Tap Dance With Flute And Beatbox”


[Shawn Byfield’s Toronto dance email update April 3rd, 2012] Happy April! Spring has officially arrived. Did it hit you like it hit me? Because just the other day I had a “holy eff” moment- “It’s already April? I swear it was just New Years…” Yup, we’ve all been busy, I haven’t even written to youContinue reading “UPDATE: How To TURBOCHARGE Your Spring”