Tap Dance With Flute And Beatbox

Tap Dance FluteBox – Shawn Byfield & Rahul Bader share an elemental combination of wind, wood and metals to create a spark… tap dance, flute and beatbox. Check out the video to see their unique collaboration. Connect with Toronto tap dance choreographer Shawn Byfield on Twitter Connect with Toronto flute musician Rahul Bader on TwitterContinue reading “Tap Dance With Flute And Beatbox”

Learn How To Tap Dance – It’s Easier Than You Think

Always wanted to learn how to tap dance? It’s easier than you think! Check this out: Heads up: We’ll finally have BEGINNER tap dance sessions at BDX! It’s taken a bit of time, but I’m pretty stoked about it. And they start SOON. If you’re interested, here’s the details: Absolute Beginner Tap Dance 8 WeekContinue reading “Learn How To Tap Dance – It’s Easier Than You Think”