Hip Hop Class Toronto: This Video Shows Best Example of Where Passion And Displine Will Take You

Behind the scenes of an adult hip hop dance class at my Toronto dance school Byfield Dance Experience. BY THE WAY… Most of the adult dancers in the video below are NOT trained dance studio people. Only a handful…

The “LIKE” Button: Why Stretchy Pants Are Winning While Your Health Declines

TODAY’S REALITY CHECK: A whopping 60% of Canadians are overweight. That’s more than half the country. Explained differently: Line you up with 9 of your peers. 6 people in your lineup are overweight. SIX. And that’s my message. That’s it. Stretchy Pants For The Win Listen. It isn’t my intention to make you feel uncomfortable.Continue reading “The “LIKE” Button: Why Stretchy Pants Are Winning While Your Health Declines”

Hip Hop Class At BDX Toronto

BDX Hip Hop Class Beginner & Intermediate Classes Think you “can’t” dance? With the famous words of our favourite Gary Coleman (RIP) I say to you: “What chu talkin’ bout Willis?” Here’s proof that REGULAR PEOPLE can (and DO) learn to dance- very well I might add. I’m not talking years here; I’m talking months. Watch thisContinue reading “Hip Hop Class At BDX Toronto”