The Importance Of Having A Coach

It’s true: People at the top of their game rarely do it alone. They always have the best team pushing and challenging them to new heights. Since the very beginning, successful people around the world in every field imaginable had coaches in their corner lead them to where they want to go. The truly smartContinue reading “The Importance Of Having A Coach”

Learn How To Tap Dance – It’s Easier Than You Think

Always wanted to learn how to tap dance? It’s easier than you think! Check this out: Heads up: We’ll finally have BEGINNER tap dance sessions at BDX! It’s taken a bit of time, but I’m pretty stoked about it. And they start SOON. If you’re interested, here’s the details: Absolute Beginner Tap Dance 8 WeekContinue reading “Learn How To Tap Dance – It’s Easier Than You Think”