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Diana Webley – Project Coordinator, Harbourfront Centre

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, Creative

“Shawn is the go to person in Toronto if you are looking for a profressional and qualitative result. Hiring Shawn means you do not have to worry about the entertainment value a client will receive. Shawn and his company are reliable and will get the job done with creativity and integrity.”

“…A fierce charisma that is unparalleled.”

“Shawn’s tap skills and rhythmic ability rival the top dancers around the world.

He is bar-none the best tap dancer that Toronto has to offer. He has the fastest feet, the best rhythms and a fierce charisma that is unparalleled.”

– Jen Cohen
Director & Producer,

“If you love to dance, here is your teacher!”

“I have taught alongside Shawn at many workshops and conventions and I must say, he always finishes with having every student in the palm of his hand.

He teaches with an unequalled enthusiasm for his craft and his generosity is well received by all. If you love to dance, here is your teacher!”

– Linda Garneau
Artistic Director,

Shawn Byfield on facebook

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Bram Goldstein – BiG Entertainment

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

“Shawn is rich with talent and brings his incredible visions to life with his dancing. Not only is he a Canadian national treasure as a remarkable dancer, choreographer and visionary but he is also a personable, respectful and caring artist. Shawn loves what he does – and it shows. Working with him would be a gift that I would like to receive again and again.”

Tamara Felisa Micner – Communications Senior Associate, Google Canada

“Shawn is a powerhouse. I hugely admire his unending work and energy in fostering a dance community in Toronto, especially the short time in which he has gone from idea to implementation in opening his own studio. He’s ambitious, driven, and focused; he knows what he wants to create and work toward, and he determines concrete steps to achieve those goals. He knows and seeks the people he needs to know, he’s wholly unafraid of striving for something and getting help, and he’s a natural leader and cheerleader. People follow him, enjoy being with him, and want to help him succeed – which he inevitably does!”

Shawn Teaches With More Energy And Enthusiasm…

“Shawn Byfield’s contribution is more than a studio, it’s a one-man-driven operation that must, at all costs, convey to you the storied, heartfelt awesomeness that is tap. A dancing veteran of stage and screen, Shawn B teaches with more energy and enthusiasm than can be contained by four walls.”

– Jill Murray,

“You make each one of us feel appreciated and confident.”

“Hey Shawn!

I really really really enjoyed your classes these past 8 weeks, and I want to do it again. You’re one of the best teachers I know, and I admire your teaching methods. You make each one of us feel appreciated and confident.

Every time I get out of your class, I feel refreshed and energized. 75 minutes goes by way too fast in your class! Thank you for being the teacher that you are. :)”

– Melissa Kelly,
Melissa Kelly Dance Academy

Rick Lazar – Artistic Director, Samba Squad

“Samba Squad and Shawn have performed together on 3 different occasions and collaborated on the structure and dynamics of the performance. The process was total ease from start to finish. Shawn is highly professional, artisically adventursome and very creative. He’s a very giving person and his charismatic personality pulls you in and at the end of the day you’re left feeling WONDERFULLY JOYOUS.”

Laura Crochetiere – Consultant & Charity Event Organizer

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

“Shawn consistently volunteers with Fashion ‘N’ Motion, a Charity Dance group at Wilfrid Laurier University. He came to do a workshop for us in 2007. Shawn was energetic, passionate, and enthusiastic. He was very personable, and he ensured that everyone had a terrific time. Most of all, he gave up his time for free, for our charity. I’ve loved working with Shawn, and I recommend him and his classes.”

“Everyone goes away feeling better about their dance skills and life in general…”

THE Mr Shawn Byfield ( twitter: @shawnbyfield). Dancer, Choreographer extordinare. All you have to do is take one class to see the passion & energy is there. Everyone gets a high 5, everyone has fun & everyone goes away feeling better about their dance skills and life in General. A Dancer and Choreographer for well over 20 years, he has taught dance everywhere from Vancouver to Glasgow and is the Creator of the Dora Mavor Moore award winning show “I think I can.” Due to his love and passion I’ve seen him go from teaching at a Good life fitness to now owning his own Dance studio, BDX (Byfield Dance eXperience @ Davenport & Bloor). Not to mention being one of the country’s best tap dancers, breathing life into a style of dance that sometimes get left by the waste-side. If you ask him why he teaches-sometimes 4 classes a day-he will no doubt tell you he does it 4 the Love.

– Matthew Brown, Acclaimed Actor
“Jersey Boys,” “The Kennedys,” “Instant Star”

I absolutely loved working with Shawn and posing for his magic camera. His shots and camera angles are unique. He makes you feel very comfortable in your own skin. His photos are organic as well as original. He is very professional and easy to work with.  I look forward to working with him again in the future.

– Salimeh Taeb

Having a photo shoot with Shawn was an amazing experience!  I have never had professional photos taken before, and Shawn took baby steps with me until I was 120% confident in front of his camera.  Shawn started by telling me how to pose correctly for the camera, and then the session just started flowing!  He likes to take photos of you during the shoot when you’re not expecting them…and believe it or not, they turn out quite nice.  After I became more familiar with having my picture taken, Shawn and I were able to let our creative sides come forward and he took some really beautiful shots.  Between wardrobe changes, lighting changes, and slight hair changes, Shawn was able to transform each photo he took into a masterpiece!  Of course I had a “not so hot” picture every once in a while, but we were able to laugh about them afterwards!  Every shot he took had his own special flare added to it – and that showed me how much of a passion he held for photography.  The most important thing I learned from my photo shoot with Shawn was to relax and have a good time.  His job as a photographer isn’t to make you feel anxious, it’s to make YOU feel beautiful and comfortable!  I can’t wait until I can have another photo shoot with Shawn.  He’s always thinking of new themes and locations for shots, and I want to be a part of his master pieces!! Remember, all YOU have to do is smile…the rest of the magic comes from Shawn!

– Lisa Del Guercio

“I have become a lot more confident in myself and my talent…”

“Although I feel there are many things I have learned from Shawn’s teaching and overall way of life, I could sum it all up by saying this.

When I met Shawn, I was transitioning from being a full time competitive student at a really great studio, to someone who just wanted to keep dancing.

Shawn not only gave me somewhere to do that, he has also enhanced the training I already had by giving me some new and creative choreography and technique, as well as, and this is the best part, showing me how to let go of the training to let the style and the moves I had within, come out.

With Shawn’s help, I have become a lot more confident in myself and my talent, and I have been inspired time and time again to continue to use my dance experience. Thanks Shawn B, you’re one of the best!!!”

– Laura Radcliffe
Mississauga, ON

“My Dreams have been brought closer to being lived…”

Hey Shawn!

I just wanted to thank you so much, when you were in Timmins teaching us our level 4 hip-hop class with Melissa Kelly I had such a amazing time and work out! It was so inspiring and im hoping that very soon I will get the chance to come to Toronto and attend more of your classes! Thank you VERY much! My Dreams have been brought closer to being lived thanks to you!

– Shannen Knauz, Timmins

Shawn Byfield on facebook

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Cathy YoungLive Show Director

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“Shawn is one of those rare gems who you can count on to deliver what you need, and do it in record time. He is impeccable in his style and owns his work like no other I have seen. He is dependable, positive and focused on results delivered with true heart and soul. Everything he touches gets better. Brilliant man.”

“Shawn shared so much of his talent, knowledge, opinion, and encouragement with us, I feel so much better about myself…”

Seven days of tap intensity… Really, I did know what I was getting myself into. I had an idea, at least. I knew I was going to “die” and hate myself for making myself do such a thing. I had done other dance intensives before and I vividly remember sweating all day, and coming home with achy muscles. But it’s what I needed. I need people to push me once in a while, because let’s face it… The human race, especially at my age, tends to avoid pushing themselves to their own personal limits. Once it starts being difficult, once it starts hurting, once we start breaking a sweat… we take it easy. But doing this intensive reminded me that it really shouldn’t be that way. Shawn pushed us all everyday… He pushed and pushed, and the more we whined and complained, he pushed even more and more each day. It was painful… it was challenging… but it certainly did not lead to any sort of “death”. The only thing it did was make me realize how much we can truly learn in one day. After day one, we had learned a whole combination to a song I had never heard before. And as much brain fluid oozed out of my ear at the 3/4 mark of the day, it was all worth it. Because as the days became more challenging, the more I wanted to conquer and not give up. I went home after the first day feeling tired, sore, and grumpy, but somehow, the next morning, I felt so accomplished and ready to learn more. I was eager to find out how much MORE i could learn about myself over the next 6 days. Each day, I found it harder to believe the amount I was stuffing into my brain and body each day. I was so astonished. And as tiring as it was, I was glad it all happened because I don’t get that same push at my rec studio. I needed the boost to remind me that I can do so much more than I normally make myself do.

It was more than that though. On top of learning about how much my tap brain and body could handle, I learned a little bit more about myself by getting to know Shawn. Shawn’s class discussions about his accomplishments, Everett Smith’s accomplishments, and Jen [insert last name here 😛 ]’s accomplishments, as well as everyone else sharing their dreams and goals, really got me thinking. I didn’t really have concrete goals walking into Shawn’s class… Nor did I have a truck load of proper dance training/experience… So I had nothing to share. During our discussions, I spent most of the time absorbing everything like a sponge. I felt that I really needed to because the more Shawn and everyone else talked about their goals and accomplishments, the more I realized that I had NO idea what I was planning on doing with my dance life. Really, I was just focused on expanding my experience before making that decision. This tap intensive did more than just expand my dance experience, though… it helped me really think about myself as a dancer. Right now, I’m STILL quite unsure of what I’m going to do… BUT I have begun thinking about it. And after Shawn shared so much of his talent, knowledge, opinion, and encouragement with us, I feel so much better about myself as a dancer. I set goals for myself pretty often… And they slip over time… But being around Shawn and 7 other talented dancers has been one of the biggest boosts I have ever gotten. And has really encouraged me to TRULY push myself to the limit, and to no longer take the easy way out. Shawn both physically and mentally helped me realize that my whole dance life, I haven’t been pushing myself to my true limit, and that I have so much more to learn about myself as a dancer…

Thanks for everything, Shawn. You are a true inspiration.

– Marie Yap

Shawn’s quality of work and personality that he brings to the creative table doesn’t compare to other photographers. His energy and creativity definitely show their colours in the work he produces. I highly recommend Shawn. You will not be disappointed:)

– Alberto Sebastian

“…I appreciate your enthusiasm sooo much”

Hey Shawn!

It’s Tia from the FastLane Dance Convention. I just wanted to say I absolutely loved your classes and appreciate your enthusiam sooo much , keep up the beats! You cd’s are bawm. I hope to get the chance to take more of your classes. Come back next year, or I’ll see you at CDF (canadiandancefactory) well thanks again,

– Tia Findlay, Ottawa

“My friends… were so impressed by all the kool original moves”

Hi Shawn!!!!!

I must say you are too generous!! Like wow 2 classes thats alot to give and it will not be wasted!!! 1. My experience for the street sexy hiphop with TJ was great!!! I got to learn new moves every class and not only work on them alot at the beginning of the class but put them into works in lil routines that we added on until the end of the class. For those little routines I was able to show my friends and they were so impressed by all the kool original moves that they wanted me to show them more lol and do the routine more than one, But i tried to convince them to come but they werent’ all really up to it even though they had seen a couple of my classes. OO well, they are the ones missing out, I am going whether my friends wish to or not since there are other ppl there and nice ones too. Everyone is soo nice and polite every class making it enjoyable to be in.

TJ was soo much fun to work with, she always gives great energy in the class room when we are a little quiet or slow or maybe even shy, she is open to listen to your questions to go over stuff till you get it so you are able to understand fully and put it in practice properly, she gives u good tips to how to get the moves just right, she is always in a good mood to start off on the good foot, and she is never afraid to let herself go wild to convince us that you dont have to be the only one going crazy and being embarassed lol all while having a blast of course!!! I would and have recommended the class to many of my friends but I guess they really dont want to or I’m very bad at convincing people :). I had to soo much fun i was sad to leave when time was out since I wanted more more more!!! time really flew by!!

Adèle Brazeau-Feeley, Toronto

Stephen Colella – Dramaturge, Young Peoples Theatre

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

“Shawn is a fantastic choreographer and collaborator who did amazing work with us on the creation of our Dora Award winning tap dance show ‘i think i can’.”

“Thank you for your generosity”

Hello Shawn,

Thank you for your generosity. Adele just loves to dance. As a dancer, she is always “bouncing of the walls”. She has been dancing since the age of 4. Dancing is just part of her day to day activity. I just love to whatch her dance! She is a well rounded girl. She knows how to balance her day. (School – homework – leasure – help out with her little brother). She respects her colleagues and therefore she is well respected by friends and surrounding adults (teachers and parents). She is our ray of sunshine! Again thank you so much to give her this opportunity. Talk to you soon

Francine Brazeau, Toronto

“I LOVE your classes, you are GREAT and an AWESOME teacher!”

“I’m so glad that I stumbled upon your ad in Malabar (I think that’s where I saw it) and that I decided to pursue this. I LOVE your classes, you are GREAT and an AWESOME teacher!!!!!!!! (I recognized the quality of your teaching in the first class).

I only wish I discovered you when I was younger. I can’t wait until I don’t have to think and concentrate so much in class as I do right now. I can’t wait to start dancing and feeling it, instead of thinking, you know what I mean?”

– Tatiana Tyzkyj

“You have helped me develop a greater love for tap dancing…”

“Hey Shawn,

Hope things are going well, I just wanted to give you a HUGE thank-you for everything you have done and taught me . Dancing with you these past few months has been a privilege, and I am extremely grateful to have been giving the opportunity to be a part of your tap classes. I know i’m not a great dancer but you have always provided me with enough confidence and encouragement to keep me moving.

Your energetic, fun and exciting personality is what makes you such an amazing teacher and individual. You have helped me develop a greater love for tap dancing and I thank you for it. Can’t wait till the next session!!

– Katie O’Callaghan

“My friends have noticed a difference…”

“I watched my younger sister week after week learn the artistry of hip hop dancing. I decided to give it a go myself and found out about Shawn B’s class. The class has surpassed all my expectations. It is undeniably enjoyable.

Shawn is able to bring a great level of unruly energy to the class that is heightened by his charisma. He creates a great vibe within the class, intensifying the FUN factor.

Not only that, but my friends have noticed a difference in my step on the dance floor when we go out for a night on the town.”

– Voula Kosmopoulos

“Wow! These classes are awesome!”

“Wow! These classes are awesome! Shawn, you are an amazing dancer/teacher. I will for sure be back for more classes. Thanks so much!”

– Cassandra Dumitro

“You never get frustrated with your dancers…”

“Hey Shawn,

Just wanted to thank you for the best dance classes in Toronto, and your fun and energetic attitude. There is never a dull moment in your tap or hip hop classes.

You never get frustrated with your dancers and you are such a positive and amazing person. Your choreography is always fun and original. So thanks again!”

– Sarah Quinn

“I’m So Pumped Right Now!”

“WOW! What a Crazy High Energy Class.

I’ve never worked so hard in that amount of time before. I loved it and I looked forward to doing more. I’m So Pumped Right Now!”

– Domenica Ruscica

“Your classes are great, the cardio is excellent…”

“As for the dance classes: tap I’m fine with – I love it! I was happy when you started doing some steps across the floor … I just can’t concentrate on combining the different hand/foot rhythms!!!

My brain doesn’t function the way it used to!!! lol I must say you do have a good way of adding little brain teasers to the dance!!!

Hip hop classes…. your workout is the hardest part! hahaha. I can do it but I feel like my body doesn’t want to cooperate with the moves… either way your classes are great, the cardio is excellent and I have to get back to work… lol.”

– “D” (anonymous)

“I am glad I’ve finally found you.”

“I will still be coming to class on Wednesday. I wouldn’t want to miss it!

I’ve been searching for a beginners adult tap class in the city for sometime and I am glad I’ve finally found you. I look forward to continuing. Thanks Again,”

– Devi Dahl

“I always end up having a great time…”

“Shawn, I just wanted to say thank you for always hosting such fun and energetic classes. Unlike some other dance classes, I always end up having a great time in yours.

Cheers Shawn and thanks again. See you next weekend.”

– Niky Johnson

“Tap Skool was exactly what I needed for my overall health.”

“The advanced tap classes I participated in each week were fun challenges both physically and mentally.

After having been away from a regular studio dance class for almost a year, getting back into it with your Tap Skool was exactly what I needed for my overall health.

What better way to get rid of the frustrations of every day life than to pound them out on the studio floor making noise to your hearts content and grooving to great new music every week. New combos each class kept me on my toes (literally) and had me working up a sweat in a far more satisfactory way than a gym ever could.

Overall the course was a fun and exciting experience where I got to do what I love (tap) with a great choreographer leading the way with hot music and fast feet. Thanks for it Shawn! ”

– Kelly Loftus
Nanaimo, BC

“It’s extremely fun, energetic and motivating.”

“Shawn Byfield hosts one of the best hip-hop classes I’ve ever taken in Toronto.

It’s extremely fun, energetic and motivating. The dance choreography is always fresh and awesome! Rock on,”

– Hilary Nesbitt

“By the time you play the music the dancers already know how to move to it…”

“Well, I think you have mad rhythm – in class you make me forget about counts because you teach your choreography through the rhythm of the music, and by the time you play the music the dancers already know how to move to it – the transition is seamless! Oh! and you’re a hype dancer.”

– Gerard Reyes
Professional Dancer

“An energetic and encouraging teacher…”

“The thing I liked most about your class was the pace at which you taught – not too slow, and not too fast. You are an energetic and encouraging teacher, and I will try to be there most Saturdays to dance around with you :)”

– Melanie-Anne Atkins
Queen’s University Dance Club 2004-2005

“All dancers should take this class.”

“Shawn B. is one of the most creative and enthusiastic artists in Toronto. His rhythmic, intense style pushes dancers to their limit time and time again and continues to evolve in an art that otherwise can become static.

Shawn’s class combines old school and new, style and wit; it keep students motivated and challenged. All dancers should take this class.”

– Erin P.
Dancer and Choreographer

“I am always doing them in my room!”

“I really enjoyed my second Saturday’s class just as much as the first one! I still remember both routines and I am always doing them in my room!! Ha ha ha!

I am so excited to see your company “Thrive’s” new show in September, I can hardly wait!! I love your choreography and I am sure that my mom and I will be one of the first ones to purchase tickets!

Anyway please keep me posted on any new events that are coming up if any. My mom and I will most likely look into them and will do our best to try and make them, even though it is tough coming all the way from London. But I am always up for new opportunities and I am always glad and thankful that I came.”

– Hayley Blyth

“What I strive to be like as a teacher…”

“I just wanted to say that I absolutely loved class last Saturday. I have taken many great classes in T.O. but your energy really made the difference.

I like your attitude and the way you conduct class, reminds me a little of me and what I strive to be like as a teacher to my little ones.”

– Lisa Di Paolo

“…Keeps me on my toes!”

“I can’t wait to tap with you…! You know I love your tap class… it keeps me on my toes! It’s better than sex… well kind of!”

– Heather Eugene, Heather’s Hoofers
Producer, National Tap Dance Day Toronto

“I have fun each and every time.”

“I love all his classes. I’ve taken them since July and I want to keep on taking the classes until he stops teaching. I have fun each and every time. Again, I simply love it.”

– Janet Kondraciuk

“There are not a lot of instructors like you out there…”

“Shawn, thanks so much! Thank you for your time and generosity- there are not a lot of instructors like you out there with your passion and energy for dance!”

– Lia Como

“Totally worth the drive from Woodstock.”

“Awesome. I loved the routine! Such an awesome workout! Totally worth the drive from Woodstock. I’ll be back!”

– Kayla James

“…Thank you for being such an awesome teacher…”

“Hi Shawn,

I just wanted to thank you for being such an awesome teacher and wonderful person. Over the past 12 weeks I realized how much I missed dancing and how much I love hip hop.

I just wanted to tell you that you are an amazing teacher and choreographer with a fun and energetic attitude that gets everyone to participate and have fun. Keep up the good work and well done.”

– Michelle Sturino

“…Such an uplifting experience.”

“As usual your class was amazing! Thank you for making dance/hip hop relaxed, fun and such an uplifting experience.”

– Maria Ierullo

Shawn Byfield on facebook

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