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Shawn Byfield Certified Public Speaker, Presenter, Coach

When Shawn was 12 years old, he began selling chocolate covered almonds to pay for his dance lessons. “When I was a kid, we didn’t have a lot of cash-flow,” he says.

“My mom was busy working day and night, but for some reason there wasn’t always enough money left over to keep doing what I loved. I had to figure out a plan, so I started selling chocolates. Not only did I supplement my dance lessons, I bought my own Nintendo system, CASH! When you’re 12, that’s a huge deal.”

Since then, Shawn Byfield has become an energetic performer and entrepreneur, with successful businesses both online and offline. Shawn is a Certified Public Speaker, trained in the art of Suggestology by Canada’s top presentation coach Paul Tobey. He’s a guest co-host on a national radio show “TURNOUT,” on CIUT 89.5 fm and co-producer and host of the “TAKIN’ ACTION Podcast.”

Shawn is a Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker with the John Maxwell Team. Shawn is in partnership with John Maxwell, who has sold more books on leadership than anyone in history, and is ranked the world’s #1 leadership and management authority.

Creating World Class Entrepreneurs & Intentional Leaders

What does it take to do more of what you love?

Is it time to take charge of your life?

How do you become a leader?

As a fun, motivating and often a “reality check” speaker and trainer, he helps audiences discover those answers.

“I see too many people spinning their wheels day in and day out, whether they’re in the corporate world or trying to work for themselves. They’re frustrated that they aren’t getting ahead. In fact, some people feel like they’re going backwards.” Shawn believes life is too short to not do what you love, and shows a better way.

Byfield has devoted himself to personal growth and empowering others to think bigger, and has a goal to train, empower and develop 100 new self-propelling, intentional leaders over the next 5 years. “I’m here as a mentor for regular people just like me. For people who want a change, want to grow their own business, follow their passion, and for anyone who wants more time to do things they love.”

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