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Learn how To Get Ninja Performance Training, Discover How To TURBOCHARGE Your Stage, Dance And Entertainment Skills…

…And Have Your Chance To Perform In One Of Toronto’s HOTTEST Dance Shows Of The Year!


Shawn-Byfield-media-logosFROM: Shawn Byfield
Wednesday, 1:08pm

Great news! It’s happening!

This is definitely one of the most fun and insightful performance training programs you’ll ever experience, and doesn’t exist anywhere else.

I’ve put my decades of successful dance and entertainment experience into a program called BYFIELD ACADEMY LIVE that will turn you into a superstar- and might make your friends jealous! 😉

With a MINIMUM 5 hours/week, you’ll focus on performance, stamina building, audition technique, public speaking and presentation, psychology and mindset, plus so much more… Here’s info:

Here’s More Details Of What Benefits You’ll Get

  • You’ll have a chance to learn spicy hot choreography at least twice a week, until the program is done
  • You’ll get a guaranteed weekly physical work out (sometimes pretty intense!) and shift your body into fourth gear
  • You’ll get to sit with me kneecap to kneecap, and receive one on one personal performance feedback, to help you grow faster and advance in the field
  • You’ll become more versatile and well rounded in not just your performance skills, but leadership skills also
  • You’re definitely gonna get an intense mental work out because you’ll be learning a lot of choreography!
  • You’ll learn about basic nutrition, body health, and best daily practices for keeping yourself performance-ready
  • You’ll be rooted in one of the most positive, energetic and motivating atmospheres you’ve ever experienced
  • You’ll discover tips to using your voice, and how to confidently stand up and speak in front of the room or on stage


  • You’ll learn how to master your audition technique, and find out what to do as soon as you enter the room
  • You’re gonna have opportunity to make incredible new best friends, and be in an environment with people who share the same passions that you do
  • You’ll be in a scheduled learning environment, that will help you improve your time management skills
  • If you’re a teacher or assistant, you’ll find creative new ideas you can apply immediately to your own classes or choreography
  • If you don’t teach, you will learn ninja class secrets I personally use, and might even come up with an idea or two for your own class
  • You’ll definitely see changes in your personal health and emotional health, while watching your endurance and stamina improve
  • You get to perform! In one of the coolest, professionally produced shows Toronto has to offer  (I’ve won awards for my shows and choreography, find out why)
  • You’ll even learn about the technical side of creating a show! With details on effective lighting, show marketing, audience psychology
  • There’s much more… but you must be in the program to find out!


So… Do You Want In?

The show theme is ALREADY set… (it’s a secret) and it’s unlike ANYTHING you’ve done before. I’m so excited! You NEED to be a part of it.

Here’s the info you need right now:

REHEARSALS: January – March, 2018
Fridays 6:30pm – 9pm
Saturdays 4pm – 7pm

LOCATION: Byfield Dance Experience, Downtown Toronto

PERFORMANCE: Thursday March 29 – 31, 2018

If you can free your schedule, and make this a PRIORITY, you’ll get the chance to work hands-on with myself, and meet other experts in the entertainment field to challenge and advance your abilities.

You’ll be glad you did, because there’s so much to learn and fun to be had.

You’ll definitely kick yourself if you don’t at least apply right now. 

** IMPORTANT ** I’m only looking for 25 seriously committed individuals. NOT EVERYONE WHO APPLIES WILL BE ACCEPTED. You won’t be in a group with 40, 50, or (yikes!) even 60+ dancers. This is a private, intimate group only, so you’ll actually become a family during the process.

Share this with someone you know who can benefit from this expert training experience.


  • You’ll need 3 years experience in either jazz, hip hop, or music theatre movement.
  • You need to have a dynamic, vibrant performance energy
  • You’ll need consistent stamina to perform long routines


To work with me privately one on one, 5 hours weekly, would run you $99/hour. That would add up to $2000 for just ONE month. (And worth every dollar.)

But you won’t pay anywhere near that. If you’re willing to be a team player, have a positive attitude, and will work hard in a group, the tuition for this elite performance training is only $799 for your entire term!

PLUS, a super affordable, automatic, 4 pay option will be available, broken into 4 equal payments of $199.75/month.

Apply Right Now For Your Chance

This will fill up quickly. Once I’ve accepted the dancers I want, that’s it- the program is CLOSED and you won’t be able to apply. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. It costs you NOTHING to apply. There’s no audition. Just fill out your info below.

Only the accepted individuals will be contacted with tuition payment info.

If you or your friends would like to be considered for the training program, fill out the application below IMMEDIATELY. I will personally reply within 48 hours if you are accepted or not.

Cheers to you, and good luck!

— Shawn Byfield

Friday December 22nd

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