OPTIMISM: Why You Are What You Drink

THEY SAY YOU are what you drink! Are you filling your cup with bad news and negative media? Or do you start your day with a cup of gratitude?

*** HINT: ***

Start your day with the second cup. Life tastes much better when you do! You’ll complain less, your mood gradually changes, you’ll look and feel younger, people will want to hang around you more, and new opportunities start to unfold.

YOU ATTRACT WHAT you think about most of the time. So if you’re constantly reading about bad news, tragic events, and doom and gloom, you’ll unconsciously manifest that daily.

Just like your favourite cup of joe, choose your drink wisely. Because in the battle between optimism vs pessimism… OPTIMISM always winsπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎβ˜€οΈ

– Shawn Byfield


Why You Should Learn New Stuff

YOU’VE HEARD πŸ“£ ME SAY over and over and over again… Learn new stuff!

Too many peeps graduate high school, college/university, and they think they know everything. They stop learning. In reality, graduation is just the START of the life learning process.

FYI: No, you DON’T know everything. Simmer down. πŸ™„

There are more experiences to be had, new perspectives to embrace, and unlimited truths to learn. Until you start exploring and diving deeper, you don’t know what you don’t know… So don’t be close-minded. An investment in KNOWLEDGE always pays the best interest!

Don’t be a “know it all…” Be a LEARN it all! Learn as much as you can, as fast as you can, while you can, so you can start enriching your life and the lives of others.

#BOOM #TheMoreYouKnow 🌈

– Shawn Byfield

A Reminder To All Aspiring Dancers…

Thank you to #ShowtimeDancePromotions! Miss Christie (aka my Glamazon) and I had a mind-blowing week. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„

Congratulations to EVERY SINGLE DANCER who walked on stage. You did it! 🀩


If you’re the strongest dancer in the class… then you need a NEW class. You only get better by rising to a challenge. Surround yourself with people who motivate, push, and inspire you to reach higher.

“How are you going to soar with eagles when you’re hanging around pigeons?”

Go get it! #flyhigher πŸ¦… #youcanDOthis #greatcanadiandancechallenge

– Shawn Byfield

Dear Parents

Congratulations to every dancer at Sparkle Dance Festival! I had the absolute best time with you. Let’s do this again. πŸ˜„

This group and others like it, represent less than 0.01% of our population. But they are 100% of our future. πŸ’―

Invest in their goals and dreams, cheer them on, help them rise to new challenges. Dance festivals and other similar events give young dancers many of the skills and experiences they need to become contributing, loving, and essential members of our society.

Because you never know…. just one comment from an professional adjudicator could be exactly what they needed to hear. πŸ—―οΈ It could be the catalyst that put sparks in their minds, and a burning desire in their heart.

Give them the chance to set themselves on FIRE! πŸ”₯

– Shawn Byfield