Are YOU Willing To Work For Your Reward?

Shawn Byfield, certified public speaker and host

Shawn Byfield, certified public speaker and host

Every so often, I find people in their 20’s who get caught up in only wanting to pick the fruits of labour… without actually planting a tree. Some would rather benefit from other people’s actions instead of putting in their own work.

How does that make sense? Despite what social media tells you, that’s NOT how life works.

Get Your Hands Dirty

Start digging. Because the only place where reward comes before work is in the dictionary. You have to build a door before opportunity can knock on it.

And here’s the best part: You deserve everything you’re willing to work for!

– Shawn Byfield

Shawn ByfieldAs a sought-after presenter, coach and entrepreneur, Shawn Byfield’s unique perspective is enjoyed by thousands who train and mentor with him every year. To get your group learning, yearning, movin’ or groovin’… contact Shawn before today ends.


Want To Do What You Love? REALITY: You Don’t Need Permission

Shawn Byfield speaks from the stage

Shawn Byfield speaks from the stage.

Want to do what you love? You can!  But you gotta stop asking  other people “can I start now?” before taking a chance on yourself.  The reality is: placing your power in others to give you a green light won’t help you move forward.

Go. Do You.

Make today the day you stop waiting for someone else to give you permission to do what you love! Life is short. Do what you love. I have no regrets and I want you to win!

– Shawn Byfield

As a sought-after presenter, coach and entrepreneur, Shawn Byfield’s unique perspective is enjoyed by thousands who train and mentor with him every year. To get your group learning, yearning, movin’ or groovin’… contact Shawn before today ends.

LIFE HACK: Why You Should Learn New Stuff

Shawn Byfield public speaker, coach, trainer, presenter

Shawn Byfield poses at John Maxwell Team certification

One year ago I dove in, and learned new skills to become a certified John Maxwell coach, trainer and presenter with the John Maxwell Team. (Here’s a selfie to prove it.) 😄 

LIFE HACK: Learn new stuff! 

Take the class, watch the webinar, get on the call, attend the seminar. Because the more skills you have, the more value you can provide to others.

– Shawn Byfield

Note To Self: You Are A Champion


Some days it’s gonna suck. But Champions keep going.

There are times you won’t feel like doing what you have to do. But Champions keep going. Some days, you’ll have all the odds stacked up against you. But Champions keep going.

And sometimes, you lose.



Every Champion has lows. But they reach their greatest potential once they look adversity in the eye, make a decision to stay in the ring, and keep going.

In case nobody reminded you today: Keep swinging, keep fighting! Keep going, because YOU ARE a Champion.

– Shawn Byfield

Toronto Hip Hop For Bunheads Dance Workshop


Here is one of those “specials” that I let my subscribers and friends in on every once in a while.

As you probably know, during summer I offer workshops that focus on specific skills.

Plus, we have amazing hip hop classes all year. We’re half way through our Summer term of Adult hip hop dance classes. If you missed out, here’s a fun video:

Check out the sweat on my shirt, we gettin’ some good exercise! We danced to a funky group called TUXEDO in the Monday class. Amazing work everyone.

A few awkward moments with those chairs, but we worked it out. =)

Ok, back to what I was talking about earlier.

Now get this: On Saturday August 19th, the next dance workshop will be… [Drum roll please]

…a two hour, kid friendly, hip hop dance workshop for “ballerinas” and “bun-heads!” This two hour workshop will start at 4 pm that Saturday afternoon.

Why am I doing this?

Because I realize we all learn differently. We all have different dance backgrounds, training and abilities. We all have habits that were embedded in us from an early age. And as they say… old habits die hard.

As an award-winning choreographer, and a highly sought out hip hop dance instructor, I’ve personally helped hundreds of dancers from coast to coast find their groove in the classroom, and on stage.

So that’s why I’ve created this class: to help those of us who are “hip hop challenged” because of our inability to “let go” of our previous jazz and ballet training.


Ages 12 and up

Everyone must have dance training, not a beginner dance workshop. But it’s ok to be awkward =)
 You know who I’m talkin’ about… Those who can’t ever relax, and have problems getting low. Or those who just can’t seem to hunch over because their spine and butt muscles are permanently engaged.

And, for those of you who are clearly missing the “funky” gene in your DNA. Know anyone that fits the bill? Do YOU fit the description?

After thinking long and hard for a really cool name for this class, I’ve finally decided to call it:

“Hip Hop For Bunheads”

That way, there’s no confusion as to what the class is about. =)

Up until now, there hasn’t been a hip hop class that completely addressed the needs of jazzarinas (aka jazz dancers and ballerinas). Sure, you’re flexible, agile, and can do pirouettes better than anyone else… but sometimes, you have difficulty with the funky factor. Right?


  • Basic breakdance and hip hop dance  history
  • The 4 main  foundational styles and newer elements of hip hop dance
  • Listen to popular musical influences and artists and improve your musicality
  • Learn about influential shows and films that showcase hip hop dance
  • How your jazz and ballet can be an asset to hip hop dance
  • Get a strength-training and cardio workout
  • Learn drills and skills to improve your footwork and become less awkward
  • Discover a few leading choreographers locally and globally to follow and learn from
  • Get inspired, learn new moves and have fun
  • Learn groove steps and basics, plus a choreographed routine you can show off
  • And so much more…  But most importantly, you’ll feel your CONFIDENCE grow in our short time together!

Having a jazz and ballet background myself (YES, I was also trained in jazz dance and ballet… you learn something new every day don’t you?) I’m able to personally help you through this difficult time.


But only if you follow these 3 steps:

1.) TELL A FRIEND today about this class. Text them. Snapchat them. Share this info, and decide to join in the fun Saturday August 19th, at 4 pm.

2.) REGISTER for this class. On TUESDAY AUGUST 8th, I’ll be opening registration for this event. You must register in advance. Make sure to come back to this page, all the info will be here for you.

3.) SHOW UP. But WITHOUT leg warmers and jazz shoes. Hip hop people! HIP HOP. Dressing the part will help you look and feel the part. No high ponytails either. =(

*** NOTICE ***

Now listen to this very carefully: As I mentioned above, TUESDAY AUGUST 8th is when registration starts. My workshops fill quickly, so don’t be the one who misses out because you didn’t put a reminder in your phone.

Lastly, if you’re a bunhead or jazzarina, you owe it to yourself to check out what this workshop has to offer you. Don’t sleep on this, because I’m only running it once. If you’re looking for a chance to finally get down, WITHOUT looking like a fish outta water… you need to get in this workshop. Here’s the details again:

4pm – 6pm

819 Yonge Street, TORONTO

Spread the news today, and don’t miss registration next Tuesday!


– Shawn Byfield