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NOTE: This is no longer available.

Free online tap dance lesson and exercise with Shawn Byfield
Attention Tap Dance Lovers: Here’s Your FREE Tap Dance Exercise

Discover How To Improve Your Tap Dance Skills… From The Comfort Of Your Living Room

Learn Online Tap Dance Lessons At Home with Shawn Byfield


These Online Tap Dance Lessons Can Be ADDICTIVE! Come See What Everyone Is Talking About…

Want a more convenient way to keep up your tap skills- NO MATTER where you are? Want a way to stay inspired, and on your A game?

Then look no further. Here’s your completely NEW and INSPIRING online tap lessons, SHUFFLE WITH SHAWN! It’s perfect for tap lovers like yourself.

  • NO MORE wasting time trying to find where to take a tap dance lesson in your city or online.
  • NO MORE worrying if you’ll enjoy yourself, let alone learn any cool tap dance moves.
  • NO MORE spending big money on tap dance lessons, workshops, DVD’s and programs that just didn’t make the cut.

Let’s Shuffle! Meet Your Expert Tap Dance Coach, Shawn Byfield

Online tap dance lessons with Shawn Byfield
Shawn Byfield performs in concerts with Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Shawn Byfield is a Dora Award winning choreographer, Gemini Award nominee, and international dance coach, speaker and mentor.

Shawn has been featured in numerous films (“Make Your Move” with Derek Hough; “Bojangles” with Gregory Hines; “Self Made: ” on Netflix, and more) as well as multiple television shows and commercials.

Many of Shawn’s students have performed on theatre stages, concerts and tours, local and national television, and Hollywood films. Many are respected dance teachers, coaches, and entertainment industry professionals. And countless others have ignited a new passion for dance! Whatever your goal, Shawn can help you achieve it.

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Here They Are! The Tap Dance Lessons You’re Looking For. (Even If You’re Rusty And Haven’t Tap Danced In Years)

SHUFFLE WITH SHAWN! is the newest dance resource, where you’ll enjoy valuable tap lessons, improve your dance skills and get solid advice.

  • You’ll enjoy a fun and simple online tap dance group, learning with other tap lovers just like you
  • A private, inclusive, and safe tap dance group where everyone is welcome- whether you’re nine or 99
  • Use technology you already own to learn from your smart phone, tablet or computer. It’s that easy.

Get Inspired With LIVE Tap Dance Classes And Monthly Content

Who Are These Tap Lessons For?

Unfortunately these online tap lessons are NOT for beginners. Luckily, there are many beginner lessons on Youtube for newbies.

These tap lessons cater to:

  • Junior tap dance students
  • Intermediate level tap dancers
  • Teenage tap students
  • Competitive tap dance teams
  • Tap dance teachers and assistant teachers
  • Parents who tap are welcome to learn
  • Musical Theatre performers who tap
  • Studio directors and faculty are welcome
  • Professional tap dancers
  • Rusty wheel tap dancers
  • Dancers looking for a creative outlet
  • Students looking for a challenge
  • Seniors, and anyone young at heart
  • Former dancers looking to stay active
  • Tap dance choreographers are welcome
  • And anyone who simply loves to tap dance… This is where you belong!

By the way… These lessons are more fun than a barrel of tap dancing monkeys!

See Why Everyone’s Raving About These Tap Dance Lessons

“I LOVE THIS!!!! Your energy and passion comes through the videos, making me feel as though I am right next to you in class. Thank you for creating something that allows us to train at home, while still being able to experience your positivity and fun loving personality” ❤️

Daniela DiSanto, Studio Owner & Teacher

“Tap dancers, teachers and friends – if you’re looking for more training to add to your arsenal, a way to improve your technique, challenging exercises and ALL THE FUN, you must register for Shawn Byfield’s online tap dance lessons! Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back…. (Well maybe not the money back, that line came from me 😉) but I PROMISE you will love everything he has to offer here!”

Nicole Dymianiw, Dance Teacher & Choreographer

“I am loving the videos! Great description. Really fun exercises to learn. Great for practicing myself!”

Josh Nitkin, Dance Teacher & Adjudicator

“Dancer friends!!!! Shawn Byfield is incredible!!!! What an amazing way to keep up your training at home (especially when we are stuck) and with one of the best! Check this out xo”

Katelyn Parish, Disney Cruise Lines Choreographer & Dance Judge

“Okay DANCE friends and teachers… you need to check out these new online classes by none other than the King of Personality and Positivity Shawn Byfield. These classes are easy to follow and so much fun with lots of tricks and tips on how to improve your tap game. Check it out today and have fun!!” ❤️

Stephanie Gemmell, Show Choreographer


Stop Right Here

HOLD UP. Now if you’re looking for flashy music videos with 3D graphics, big studio lights, haze and lasers, with lessons taught by the latest “Instagram famous” dancers in an expensive Hollywood studio, this isn’t for you. This is where you STOP.

You can leave now, thanks for reading this far.

HOWEVER… if you’re looking for friendly, down-to-earth expert instruction, quality tap dance content, useful exercises, ways to improve your technique, solid dance education, and valuable tap lessons from a professional dance coach with decades of industry experience…

…then WELCOME to your new classes!

Your Super-Affordable Subscription to Success

Here’s How It Works

  • Every month, you’ll get live classes and other inspiring tap dance content added in your private membership group on Facebook.
  • Live classes are recorded. So if you miss the class time, you can watch and learn at your convenience. Phew!
  • You can watch every class on any device. Simply connect to Facebook and learn on your smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • You don’t need tap shoes, or a ton of space. All lessons are designed with at-home limitations in mind, so you won’t be doing buffalos across your living room!
  • Dance in your kitchen, or at the cottage, or in the studio, or under your desk… it’s up to you how and when you tap!

NOTE: Before you join, you need a Facebook account.

Access to the private Facebook group makes this incredibly affordable. Here’s why…

When Byfield Dance Experience – Toronto’s #1 dance school for adults AND Toronto’s favourite dance classes was open, one tap dance session (one hour weekly, for 12 weeks) was minimum $300. Also, Shawn’s fee for private lessons is $99 PER HOUR, for a minimum of 3 hours. That’s another $300.

Here’s the math: One full session + 3 private lessons = $600. And worth every nickel! But you won’t pay anywhere near that.

By Joining SHUFFLE WITH SHAWN! Online Tap Lessons Today, You’ll:

  • Enjoy fun tap dance classes and exercises monthly,
  • Have daily access to archived videos, lessons and content,
  • Receive invites to exclusive LIVE classes and events,
  • Dramatically improve your tap technique,
  • Think up ideas for your own classes and routines,
  • Re-ignite your passion for tap dance,
  • Feel creative, energized and inspired again,
  • Be part of a growing community of other like-minded tap dancers…

…and have UNLIMITED ACCESS to all the monthly lessons for only $49/month!

A Note From Shawn:

“Because of this massive global shift, our social realities have changed. But I still want everyone to experience the joy tap dancing brings. Tap dance changed my life, and it can impact yours too.

Try one week of Shuffle With Shawn online tap lessons for just ONE DOLLAR. Take the whole week to learn as much as you can. Enjoy the classes. Steal every exercise. If I’m not worth a dollar, I don’t deserve your money. But if you find it valuable, your tuition will automatically renew at a DISCOUNTED $49/month. Crazy, I know! With this Tap Dance Stimulus Package, you have nothing to lose.”

– Shawn Byfield

As long as you have internet access, you can get tap dance inspiration whenever you need it! Just press the big button below to get started and request access. Do that now, and see you on the other side.

What are you waiting for? Join the fun now!

“YES! Give Me Monthly Access To All These Online Tap Dance Lessons For $1 Dollar”

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Only $1 your first seven days. After seven days, your card will be charged a low $49 monthly. You can cancel your monthly membership at any time.

This is no longer available.

REMINDER: These online tap lessons are NOT for beginners. Sorry! Luckily, there are many beginner tutorials on Youtube for newbies.

PS: These private, online tap dance lessons will push, challenge and inspire you to a new level. You’ll learn sweet new tap dance steps, improve your technique and get fantastic tap choreography… Don’t be the one who misses out.

PPS: You will need a Facebook account to join the fun.

Online tap dance lessons. Shuffle With Shawn!
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