Funky Friday

FUNKY FRIDAY. Your spot for positive vibes mixed with hip hop dance moves, in a time when we NEED more positivity.

This is a 4 week, FAMILY FRIENDLY hip hop dance session. All ages welcome. Safe for your kids

  • All levels. I’ll give variations for stronger dancers
  • One hour of FUN. We start 6pm sharp, log on 5 min before
  • Classes WILL be recorded and reposted. If you have to miss a class, don’t stress. Just do it later. (Obviously I want to see you LIVE, but I understand life/kids happen sometimes)
  • You’ll have access to all classes for July. Once July ends I delete the group. Byeeee 👋🏾
  • You’ll need about a yoga mat worth of space. Move away from expensive stuff to be safe, I get crazy sometimes
  • Low impact. Not a training workout session, but you will be warm and sweaty
  • However, DO wear the appropriate sports bra, footwear etc. We WILL jump at least once
  • If you have injuries or prior health conditions, MODIFY if needed. Be SMART and take care of your body
  • Best part? your tuition is ONLY $69 bucks! ($77.97 with tax) This is literally a steal
  • Online registration starts Tuesday. (Visa, MC, or PayPal)

⛔ DO NOT register if you don’t plan on coming. Save your cash so someone who *really* wants in can participate

🌐 Once you register, you’ll receive a link to the private FACEBOOK group, where we’ll spread positive vibes. You’ll gain automatic access after you register.

💻 Class is through ZOOM. I’ll post the meeting link in your group. (Don’t share it with friends. As mentioned, there’s a strict limit on participants.)

📺 YES your whole fam can dance with you. I encourage you to grab your kids/siblings/partners

🕖 Class ends 7pm so you can have dinner, and do the things

🔥 * Only 95 spots * available.

YES! I Need Access To These Weekly Classes!
Only $69 CDN Is A Steal

Opens Tuesday June 30th – 8:00am EST

YES! Let Me In!

Let’s get energized together.

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