Online Hip Hop Lessons

Learn fun new hip hop dance moves with pro trainer Shawn Byfield
Funky Friday with Shawn Byfield on Breakfast Television

NOTE: This Is No Longer Available.

Get Yo’ Dance On With FUNKY FRIDAY. Your Online Dance Class For Positive Vibes, Mixed With Family-Fun Hip Hop Dance Moves!

HURRY! Don’t Miss Your Next Class:

Friday October 16th at 6:00pm EST

Here’s Your FAMILY FRIENDLY, Online Hip Hop Dance Class Through The Comfort Of Your Screen.

  • All levels. I’ll give variations for stronger dancers
  • 75 minutes of FUN. We start 6pm sharp, log on 5 min before
  • You only need about a yoga mat worth of space. Move away from expensive stuff to be safe, I get crazy sometimes!
  • Low impact. Not a training workout session, but you will be warm and sweaty
  • However, DO wear appropriate sports bra, footwear etc. We WILL jump at least once!
  • Be careful in your home. If you have injuries or prior health conditions, MODIFY if needed. Be SMART and take care of your body
  • Best part? Tuition is ONLY $19 bucks! ($21.47 with tax) This is literally a steal!
  • Easy, secure and instant online registration. Press the big button below (Visa, MC, or PayPal)

All Ages Welcome. Safe For Your Kids. Let’s DANCE!

Shawn Byfield and Funky Friday on Breakfast Television

Your Dance Coach: Shawn Byfield (That’s ME Above)

Here’s What You Need To Know:

β›” DO NOT register if you don’t plan on attending. Save your cash so someone who *really* wants in can participate.

🌐 You’ll receive an email from me personally after you register. (For sessions, I’ll give you access to the private FACEBOOK group, where we’ll spread positive vibes.)

πŸ’» Class is through ZOOM. Please don’t share the Zoom link with friends. There’s a strict limit on participants. (One Zoom link per screen/household)

πŸ“Ί YES your whole family can dance with you! I encourage you to grab your kids/siblings/partners and parents!

πŸ•– Class ends 7:15pm so you can have dinner, and do the things

πŸ”₯ * SPOTS ARE LIMITED * Grab yours right away so you don’t miss out

What are you waiting for? Press the big yellow button below to grab your spot. I can’t wait to dance with you!

Shawn Byfield

“YES! I Need Access To This Class FRIDAY OCTOBER 16!”
Only $19 CDN

Let’s dance and get energized together!

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