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Public Speaker, Emcee and Event Host Shawn Byfield

My goal is to create a new generation of WORLD CLASS performers, entrepreneurs, and intentional leaders

Shawn Byfield

Shawn Byfield is a certified coach, trainer and presenter. His expert knowledge and experience helps you get from Point A to Point B quicker than you thought possible.

As a professional, award-winning choreographer and performer, Shawn helps you boost your performance and stage presence. As a veteran speaker and emcee, he refines your speaking and presentation skills, leaving you look and sound like a polished expert. As a successful entrepreneur, he steers you in the right direction quicker, while helping you avoid major pitfalls.

And as a fun, motivating and often a “reality check” coach and trainer, he helps people with questions discover answer within themselves.

“I see too many people spinning their wheels day in and day out. Whether they’re in the corporate world, in dance and entertainment, or simply trying to start a new career for themselves. They’re frustrated that they aren’t getting ahead. In fact, some people feel like they’re going backwards.”

Shawn shows ways to grow and improve whatever you’re currently doing. He devotes much time to personal growth and empowers others to think bigger.

With the vision of empowering others, he has a goal to train and develop 100 self-propelling, intentional leaders over the next 5 years.

“I’m here as a mentor for regular people just like myself. It doesn’t matter what you do. If people want a change, want to expand their passions, or simply want to do more of what they love, I’m here to help!”

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