Byfield Dance Intensive

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About Byfield Dance Intensive, Kelowna’s Summer Training Program For Competitive Dancers Aged 13-19

This summer dance intensive in Kelowna is a fully immersive, three day experience of dance, performance, and mindset excellence!

From 4:30pm on Friday afternoon ’til we stumble out the door at 6:30pm Sunday evening, Dancers will feel at home learning skills that will help them thrive during their current season, and for years after their dance studio training is over.

Three Reasons Why This Event Matters To YOU:

1️⃣ As a teen student, (age 13-19) this energizing event is designed to not just help you become a stronger, more versatile dancer. This summer dance intensive is created to make your life BETTER – both physically and mentally.

2️⃣ It is designed to empower competitive dance students with new ideas, fresh choreography, and strategies you’ll need to make a significant impact on the quality of your dance journey.

3️⃣ In fact: You’ll learn how to have an unfair advantage on and off the stage, because you’ll know how to be present, control your thoughts, and dramatically take your stamina to the next level.

That’s Not Hype.

By attending, you’ll build your mental toughness, get tools to enrich your dance and artistic future, and… if you’re willing to put in the WORK, this weekend will finally help end your pain and inner dialogue struggles, NOW.

As a parent, what more can you ask for?

Why You Should Learn New Stuff (Watch)

Why To Learn New Stuff With Shawn Byfield

About Your Coach, Shawn Byfield

Shawn Byfield has invested over 31 years of teaching dance internationally, using the most effective tips, dance exercises and teaching methods for students Nationwide.

Shawn Byfield dance choreographer and coach

Shawn Byfield is an award-winning choreographer, sought-out dance expert, certified public speaker, seasoned adjudicator, and highly respected dance authority, Nationwide.

✅ Shawn is also a veteran performer seen on stages, multiple blockbuster films, national television shows, and TV series.

✅ But most importantly, as a proud dance coach for kids, teens and adults alike, his students have achieved numerous levels of success as teachers, performers and choreographers in prestigious careers internationally.

✅ Students attending his dance classes, seminars and workshops leave with a better understanding of how to excel at their mental game, improve their technical skills – all while fuelling their passion for dance.

✅ You’ll love working with Shawn at this Byfield Dance Intensive, because he shares a unique culmination of dance, speaking, music, coaching and mindset tools he’s learned and assimilated in the process.

✅ Plus… he’s tons of FUN!

Shawn Byfield is a regular guest on national television

Shawn Has Media Features In:

“Learn from people who’ve been where you are, and can take you where you want to be.” – Shawn Byfield

Ready To Learn, Grow and Dance?
Here’s The Agenda:


Friday Aug 5th 4:30pm – 9:30pm

On DAY ONE You’ll Learn:

  • The rules of engagement and how to process your weekend of growth
  • An intense dance workout to kick-start your weekend into high gear
  • Musical Theatre choreography that’ll have you singing (in less than 60 minutes)
  • Tap dance technique to clean up those “scrapey” sounds and improve your articulation
  • Public speaking 101 – How to improve your language in the studio and in life
  • The #1 major key to goal setting, and how to apply it IMMEDIATELY at the event
  • Review, encouragement, and homework tasks for the next day


Sat Aug 6th 9:30am – 6:30pm

On DAY TWO You’ll Discover:

  • A strength workout your abs and thighs will love (and hate) to improve your core and stability
  • Hip hop choreography to challenge your limits and werrk your street style
  • How to learn an entire tap dance choreography in 60 minutes or less!
  • Review of the three dances you learned in 3 hours (crazy right?)
  • Mindset coaching to control that inner nonsense and boost confidence
  • Music theory: How to count your music, understand and apply music concepts
  • Public speaking improvements that will set yourself apart from the crowd
  • What actual work opportunities exist (secret: there’s a LOT)
  • Audition skills: How to prepare for auditions and leave a lasting impression
  • How to write an effective dance resume, and leave with yours by end of the weekend
  • More review, encouragement, and homework tasks for the following day


Sunday Aug 7th 9:30am – 6:30pm

On DAY THREE You Will:

  • Have a sweaty dance workout cardio jam (Caution: bum sweat is a thing)
  • Quickly learn stylized jazz choreography, work your magic and live your best life
  • Review the not 1, not 2, not 3… but FOUR dance routines you learned in 4 hours
  • Review and apply your new public speaking technique in real-time
  • Shake off your audition jitters by having an actual dance audition on site
  • Dive deeper into music theory, and discover how it improves your technique
  • Break down more work opportunities and explore what your interests are
  • Wise stories, fun jokes, and life lessons to keep you motivated and inspired

Here’s What Others Have To Say

Shawn Byfield dance testimonial

“I have taught alongside Shawn at many workshops and conventions and I must say, he always finishes with having every student in the palm of his hand. He teaches with an unequalled enthusiasm for his craft and his generosity is well received by all. If you love to dance, here is your teacher!” 

– Linda Garneau, Choreographer

“I am extremely grateful to have been giving the opportunity to be a part of your tap classes. I know i’m not a great dancer but you have always provided me with enough confidence and encouragement to keep me moving… Your energetic, fun and exciting personality is what makes you such an amazing teacher and individual. You have helped me develop a greater love for tap dancing and I thank you for it. ”

– Katie O

“Shawn is entertaining, inspiring, energetic and so educational!!!! My students absolutely adored him and learned so much in a short 2 days. Thank you Shawn!”

– Suzie B, Studio Owner

“Talented, inspiring and respectful. These are only a smattering of traits the incredible Shawn Byfield possesses. He makes you think differently, pushes you in new directions and asks you to trust your mind and body. I only had a short hour in his workshop but I came out thinking differently, inspired and exited to share the knowledge he imparted to my own students. Working with Shawn was a truly inspiring experience and I can’t wait to do it again…and again, and again!”  I strive to be like as a teacher to my little ones.”

– Kathleen S, Dance instructor


August 5th, 6th, and 7th, 2022


Rotary Centre For The Arts

421 Cawston Ave, Kelonwa, British Columbia

Byfield Dance Intensive is a coaching program that takes place in a non-competitive, fun and positive environment with like-minded dance lovers willing to learn, share, and rise to new challenges!

But! This is NOT a convention style event with 200+ participants in a large ballroom.

Group size is limited to 25 positive and passionate dancers, who are serious about growth and transformation.


😊 Q: Will I be lonely, or feel like I don’t fit in?
✅ A: Absolutely not! You will make new friends, ESPECIALLY if you’re looking to be around others with a similar passion, ambition and challenges. Don’t be nervous!

😊 Q: I don’t have a lot of tap dance experience. Can I still join?
✅ A: Absolutely! As long as you’re open to learning and have a positive mindset. There will be others who don’t have strong tap (or jazz, hip hop, or musical theatre.) HOWEVER, search Youtube and learn some basics before attending. The more you learn in advance, the better you’ll feel.

😊 Q: Do I need to be a certain syllabus?
✅ A: Nope, don’t worry about that! Whatever syllabus you know will be more than fine. 

😊 Q: My daughter is 12. Can she attend?
✅ A: Have a discussion with your kid, and explain the nature of this event. It’s a lot! If you feel your dancer is mature enough to handle the intense weekend on their own, plus feel comfortable enough around older dancers, then yes.

😊 Q: I’m not advanced, will this be too hard for me?
✅ A: This is not an “advanced” dance program. You’ll need at least 5 years of dance experience. Most importantly, if you’re a dancer with a big heart and open to learning and challenging yourself, then you’ll fit right in.

😊 Q: Can I take notes on my phone or tablet?
✅ A: NOTEBOOK is mandatory, especially for day two. You’ll be writing lots! Spend 10 bucks and treat yourself to a nice notebook with PAPER. =)

😊 Q: Can I bring snacks?
✅ A: You sure can. Keep them healthy and be mindful of allergies. But NO Redbull, Doritos, or other garbage for your body! Eat breakfast, come energized. I’ll also provide short breaks and healthy snacks on site.

😊 Q: What do I wear to Byfield Dance Intensive?
✅ A: Pay attention to this… To dance, wear whatever makes you shine! Choose comfortable dance outfits that boost your esteem and you feel comfortable in. We have tap, jazz, hip hop, musical theatre and workouts, so keep that in mind. Bring a towel!

😊 Q: What else should I bring?
✅ A: You must bring semi-professional comfortable clothes to wear Saturday and Sunday. We dance the first half, then we’ll change out of our sweaty clothes for interactive, seminar-style learning for the second half. You’ll have time to refresh so, bring deodorant, face wipes, towel, and anything else you need.

😊 Q: Is there a hotel nearby?
✅ A: Yes, quite a few. The Delta Hotel and the Royal Residences are literally across the street from the Rotary Centre, but more are within walking distance (Like Hotel Zed). I’d recommend checking in Friday and check out Sunday.

😊 Q: Can I pay the tuition in installments?
✅ A: YES! The installment plan is broken into 4 equal monthly payments. First payment today, then in 30, 60, and 90 days. That makes enrolling easy and manageable for everyone!

Here’s What You’ll Invest

Isn’t all this sounding great? Your event has at least 21 hours of instruction, so prepare to be fully present and open to learning without distractions.

Normally, teachers, parents and students pay Shawn $99 hourly for private one-on-one coaching, for a minimum of 4 hours (and worth every dime!) At that rate, if you were to invest in 21 hours of private lessons, it could easily run you $2079, or more!

But not here. For this weekend of inspiration you won’t pay even half that, which would still be an incredible value. By confirming your attendance to this awesome three day event today, you can guarantee your spot in the room for ONLY $797.

All you have to do is scroll below, press the big button, and you’re in!

⚠️ WARNING: If you don’t plan to attend this event now, you’ll totally kick yourself later when you find out how valuable and useful the Byfield Dance Intensive was.

You’ve been warned. Go ahead and secure your spot today at the big button below.


You Simply Can’t Afford To Pass On These FREE BONUSES:

BONUS #1: Delicious LUNCHES Catered On Site

On Saturday and Sunday, you’ll have an energizing lunch delivered right to the venue! Veggie and non-veggie options. That way, you don’t have to leave to find food like a hungry caveman. You won’t need to bring extra money. You can just relax, reflect, and refuel with your friends! (Info provided to enrolled students closer to the event)

BONUS #2: Byfield Dance Intensive WORKBOOK

Keeping organized can sometimes be a mess. Once you arrive, you’ll be provided with a bound workbook that guides you through the many lessons. The tips, knowledge and experiences you’ll collect throughout the 3-day experience will be saved here for future reference. Hurray!

BONUS #3: Exclusive DISCOUNT on Private Lessons

Instead of the $99 regular rate for private lessons (which is already fantastic value), enrolled students receive an exclusive VIP RATE for 1:1 instruction with Shawn. Incredible!

BONUS #4: A FREE Personal Consultation (30-45 minutes)

Sometimes, dancing isn’t enough. Confused about your current situation, your future direction, or what choices you need to make to continue in your chosen career path? Should you follow your dreams? Where do you start? Bring your questions! Shawn will give you direct, experienced guidance in your FREE one-on-one chat just days after the event.

BONUS #5: Bi-Weekly Zoom Accountability Group

What happens AFTER the weekend, when your motivation starts to fade? Shawn will run bi-weekly (every two weeks) MEMBERS ONLY Zoom calls on Sundays, only for participants who join the Byfield Dance Intensive. This group call will keep you focused, energized, and give you more confidence-building tools to maintain your excellence mindset for… ready for this? TWO WHOLE MONTHS.

You Have Nothing To Lose, And Literally EVERYTHING To Gain

If you’ve read this far, by now you KNOW you need to register for Byfield Dance Intensive. Success in life only happens by SHOWING UP.

If you don’t show up for yourself, then you don’t even have a chance.

So what are you waiting for? Make a decision now to join us, and see you there!

PS: If you’re looking for a summer dance intensive in Kelowna that will inspire you to reach new heights, boost your esteem, and challenge your limits, you found it. Nothing like this exists ANYWHERE in Canada. Grab your spot TODAY before you miss out.

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