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Hi friends,

Hope you had a great Canada Day Weekend! Yup, the news you’ve been waiting for is online:

  • Beginner hip hop and tap dance classes for the newbies;
  • a two-day workshop for tap teachers and assistants;
  • hip hop bootcamp with Nexx Level;
  • Street Sexxy classes just for tha ladies…
  • and more good news. Lots of classes to help you… “Shake Your Junk.”

I’ve sent out the newsletter to all my subscribers, so check your inbox. If you’re not on my subscriber list, what in Earth’s name are you waiting for? Sign up here…


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I’ve also updated the Funk Factory site, let me know what you like/dislike.

Thanks for your help,

Shawn B
National Tap Dance & Hip Hop Instructor


And The 2007 Dora Award for Outstanding New Musical Goes To…

” And The Award Goes To…”

…wait for it… wait for it…. “Florence Gibson and Shawn Byfield!”

Florence and Shawn B

You know how in award shows they build anticipation, and make your #ss wait for the result? Well let me tell you, those were the longest 5 seconds of my life.

I normally don’t get that nervous- I was all fidgety and I couldn’t stop sweating. “What’s wrong with me? Calm down!” I kept telling myself. My mom rubbed my head (she was my date).

So YES, it’s official: the play “i think i can” I co-created with playwright Florence Gibson (who’s also a multi-Dora nominee) walked away with this year’s OUTSTANDING NEW MUSICAL Dora Award.

Oh yeah, it’s big.

(For non-theatre savvy readers: That’s like the uh, the Best New Movie award on the Oscars.)

And just so you know, I wore my tap shoes on stage for the acceptance speech! Gotta represent. I let my feet do the thanking of so many people involved in the production of our show- from original ideas and workshops to the final World Premiere at LKTYP.

Awesome. What an inspiring night. I’ll try to post video footage of my “speech”.

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to EVERYONE that walked away with an award, and especially to everyone that was nominated for one! Such amazing talent in this country.

My mom and Tangara

My acceptance speech

Me hangin’ out with “Farenheit”

Can I now take the time to say this: * YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE. * Put all your heart and soul into what you love.

This play is the perfect example of an IDEA, something completely intangible in our head, to becoming a reality with support from a fabulously talented cast, crew and production team.

What’s the secret?

Well, there’s no secret really. Just take ACTION. And keep taking action. You LEARN as you go. The more you try, the more you learn.

Write this down. Somewhere you can see it every day:


There’s a hell of lot more I can share here, but I’ll save some “wisdom” for later. I’m no guru, but I actually send a lot of positive energy in the messages I sent out- the ones about signing up for something you love.

(Do you feel it? Leave me a comment at the end of this post if you do.)

You can’t dance? Well, if you take my dance classes, bootcamps and dozens of workshops we offer, EVENTUALLY YOU WILL LEARN HOW.

That’s why my team and I are teachers. It’s our job to show you how.

And STICK TO THE PLAN. That’s key. Rome wasn’t built overnight!

I really believe this. And from my experience and the experience of others, it WORKS.


On that note, got an idea for a musical or play? You better believe it can happen. It did for Florence and I, and I’ve never written a musical in my life! So it can for you too.

Want to brush up on your tap? I’ll let you know in the next few days what programs I’ll have.

Need to get in shape? Bootcamps start next week with Nexx Level.

Lacking a social life? Come have fun in our workshops, and make a new friend.

I need to thank all of you for your support. We’re trying to provide positive, lasting and inspiring experiences, whether they be through classes, events, emails, or shows. A little support goes a long way…

…so PLEASE keep coming to shows, classes and events.

That way, I can stay inspired enough to get nominated for another award! =D

– SB

P.S.- You know how after someone wins a Tony Awards, or an Oscar, and for the rest of their entire life they’re introduced as “Academy Award Winner Denzel Washington?”

Hey, I’m just wondering! Just throwing it out there… Let me know what I should do. =)

So You SAY You Wanna Dance? Well, Make A Decision And Reap The Benefits

So you SAY you wanna dance again…

Well *stop making excuses* and get your butt in Nexx Level’s Bootcamp. Registration is OPEN for three different locations: Montreal, Oakville and Toronto, all starting soon.

READ up on the dance training, the team, the stylists, the photo shoots, the performance, the adventure. Then sign up for the location nearest you.


Nexx Level Summer Bootcamp

I wouldn’t be yapping about this dance program if I didn’t think Nexx Level’s Bootcamp could seriously improve the quality of your life in some way.

Over the past few months, I’ve had chats with various people about dance, or lack of dance in their lives. Hey, any of these sound familiar:

  • “When summer hits, I’m so dancing again”…
  • Or this one: “I’m so busy with school right now”…
  • Or how about this one: “OMG Shawn! You have to let me know where I can take some classes, I’m so (choose one:) out of shape/rusty/out of the loop/wanting to perform again!”

Guess what? Here it is.

Summer. Your chance. What you’ve been waiting for. Your break from school. Your motivation. It’s all here, finally, waiting for YOU.

And no, this isn’t some cheap class. It’s a bootcamp program. It’s intense, not a walk in the park. You get what you pay for. And you’re going to have to WORK.

Success doesn’t come easy. YOU have to put in the effort.

If you’re looking for a free ride, sorry, this isn’t it.

The question is, are you gonna put your money where your mouth is? Are you gonna just sit and hear me yap about it?

Or are YOU going to visit the website, take action, and be happy again?

Your choice.

Nexx Level is here to help you achieve where you want to be, but YOU have to take that first step.


Visit the site now. Get involved.

Then come back here, and let me know what your goals are. We’ll compare notes at the end of summer and see how many of them you’ve reached!

– SB

News: Local Tap Dancer Receives Five Nominations At Prestigious 2007 Dora Awards

Toronto, ON– Local tap dance choreographer Shawn Byfield will be celebrating FIVE nominations for the show “I think I can” at the 2007 Dora Mavor Moore Awards on June 25. The Awards take place at the Winter Garden Theatre in Toronto.


Shawn Byfield is the choreographer of “I think I can”, a story about bullying, teamwork and science. The play, told almost entirely through tapdance, closed the season at Lorraine Kimsa Theatre for Young People. The show received five nods at this year’s Dora Awards, including OUTSTANDING NEW MUSICAL. The Doras celebrates excellence in Toronto theatre, dance and opera.


“It’s a thrill just to be nominated,” states Shawn, who is also the Co-Creator of the show alongside playwright Florence Gibson. “This is my first major play. The fact that we received not just one, but FIVE nominations blew me away. That normally doesn’t happen on your first try.”


A highly respected teacher and choreographer, Shawn started dance at six years old, and now shares more than 22 years experience in the industry. Shawn is Director of Canada’s National Tapdance Ensemble Funk Factory, and is a regular to television and film. Shawn appeared in the movie Bojangles with Gregory Hines, and his most current role is in the upcoming film Hairspray, starring John Travolta and Queen Latifah.


To get more information about the 2007 Dora Mavor Moore Awards or about Shawn Byfield, visit:

http://tapa.ca/doras/ or http://www.shawnbyfield.com/bio.htm

# # #

NEWSFLASH: “i think i can” nominated for FIVE 2007 Dora Awards!

NEWSFLASH: “i think i can” nominated for FIVE 2007 Dora Awards!

i think i can up for FIVE Doras Awards. That’s sweet.

So. Remember when I kept bugging everyone to come watch my children’s show?

Remember how excited I was when it went up, and how hard we were working in rehearsals? Remember the pics I posted?

Well, at a press conference today at First Canadian Place, the news came out:

Out of OVER 200 shows, the play I co-created with Florence Gibson was nominated for not one, not two… but FIVE 2007 Dora Mavor Moore Awards! Including:






How do I feel? I’m friggin’ excited, so proud, and so honoured to be recognized by a jury of peers and professionals in the theatre industry.


So, on Monday June 25, the fancy shmancy award show takes place at the Winter Garden Theatre. Tickets are available at Ticketmaster.

Here’s the link for all Dora info:


You’ll also see all the nominees at the bottom of the page.

** I want to say CONGRATULATIONS to every single person involved in all the shows that were nominated, and to EVERYONE keeping theatre alive in this country. Let’s keep creating good theatre.

** And if you’re reading this- keep SUPPORTING good theatre. Your support makes all the difference.

Lastly, we ALL worked hard on this production. It was a lengthy, three year process to put “i think i can” on to the stage. I’m glad for every minute of it.

If you didn’t see the show, please at least send your positive energy this way and leave your thoughts. We all appreciate the love!


– SB