How Does Dance Enhance Your Life?

Jump for joy- it’s time for a contest!

Kids loving dance

So in case you didn’t know, I dance for a living. Not just through classes and workshops, but as a performer, choreographer, company director and show producer.

For me, dance allows me to create something tangible- choreography, movement, stories and pictures- from what was once a thought or idea in my head. That’s pretty freakin’ awesome. It’s also a way to de-stress, exhale, stay grounded and remember that life is truly worth living.



Lastly, I totally love to share my artistic passion with people like you. It brings a smile to my face when I bring a smile to yours. Seeing the joy dance can bring in a person is completely inspiring, and helps connect us all to something bigger.

That’s what I believe. 🙂

What do you believe? How does dance enhance YOUR life?

To celebrate dance (and my birthday March 12th hint hint) I’m going to give you the chance to win free dance classes. On Friday March 21, I’ll select three people at random who leave a reply below answering this question:

“How Does Dance Enhance YOUR Life?”
Your answer should be 1-2 paragraphs, no more than 100 words.


What’s the prize? One FREE Adult Drop In Pass, worth $77. Good for four classes anytime. The pass expires June 29.

Leave a reply below with your answer. Tell your friends to answer also, maybe they’ll share the pass with you if they win?

I’ll post the three winners on this blog, Friday March 21st. Make sure you post your answer anytime before then. Good luck!

– SB

VIDEO: Last Weeks Hip Hop Classes

“So what’s up Shawn? What’s hip hop class REALLY like? Is it easy to learn? Even for someone who’s never danced? Do you work hard?”

Those are REAL questions I get.

So to keep my blood pressure under control, 😉 I’ve posted a video- REAL video footage- from last week’s hip hop classes. No editing, just snippets of what we “REALLY” do in class.

When you finish watching, post a comment below, then tell all your friends to visit my website for more info on the funnest, funniest, most energetic adult dance classes in the GTA. Enjoy!

– Shawn B

Class Hip Hop Dance Videos

* * * * * * * * * *
Remember, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is possible this year.
“Impossible” is just another word for “challenge”.
* * * * * * * * * *

So here’s a few videos of random hip hop stuff from class and a Thrive rehearsal last summer. Nothin’ fancy, just fun viewing. There’s more on my YouTube channel or on my Facebook.

And Myspace too… but do you really still use Myspace?

– SB

Boxing day dance class sale ends TOMORROW

Save cash!Here’s your reminder that you only have one day left!

All dance classes are on a serious Boxing day sale right now, but only until Friday. Which is tomorrow.

A shout out to the new students that signed up this week. You know a good deal when you see one!

I really hope you’ll find the time to try one of the seven classes on the schedule, weeknights or Saturdays. Even if you’re NOT interested for yourself, at least visit the link so you can tell somebody what we have goin’ on.

Get involved, and start your New Year off right yo!

– SB

PS: Did you tell anyone? Did you spread the news? I’m sure
you know at least ONE person who’d be interested in dancing
with you. So share the love!

How To Tap Dance: TV Segment On Living In Toronto

Hey gang,

This is a segment from CBC’s daytime show LIVING IN TORONTO. Click this link or the pictures to watch:

I gave the host Mary Ito a beginner tap dance lesson. She was so awesome! You’ll see two of my students Kyle and Rebecca in the show too.

Tap dance class on tv

tap dance on tv2

Click the pictures to watch the footage. And see if you can learn some of them tap steps from the video!

– SB

Santa Says Yo Yo Yo! Give Dance Classes This Holiday

Aww yea, share your love for dance!

Last minute gift ideas

Here’s the perfect gift for friends and family. Especially for that closet dancer who keeps saying they want to learn to dance… Now you can get them involved.

Click the flyer for more info and to grab a really cool gift. A great way to start the New Year on the right foot.

– SB

Looking for STRONG tap dancers in Toronto

I’m working on new gigs for 2008, and I need strong performers. Know anyone? Here’s a fun promo teaser of my tap dance company Funk Factory:

If you’re a strong tapper, or know somebody who is, I need to know and see them in action. If you’re rusty, then get to tap class already!

– SB

How To Save 10% Off Toronto Dance Class Memberships

Toronto dance class sale eflyer

Aww yea.

This Friday, November 23 2007 from 12:01 am to 11:59 pm, I’ll be having a special VIP SALE on my website. Sign up for a new dance membership online (hip hop OR tap dance) and you’ll save 10% off the monthly fee. Byaaaah!

Tell somebody.

And- tap dance classes are starting in TWO WEEKS! Every Saturday, starting December 1st. Level 2 and Level 3 tap only. No beginner class.

** If you want a BEGINNER tap class with ME, then say so. I don’t have one because there’s too many “talkers” and not enough commitments. If you want it, say so on my blog. Tell me today. Tell me right now, you’re here now, aren’t you?!

Watch the video, and make sure to visit the site Friday. Check it out today also, so you know what to expect.


– SB

Special bonus on Toronto dance classes- THIS WEEKEND ONLY


My friends, just a heads up: I’ve added TWO new hip hop classes to the schedule SATURDAYS. Level One at 12:30 pm and Level Two at 1:45 pm. Here’s the info:

Come dance.

If you don’t have a membership or a student pass, what are you waiting for? Get involved on my website, read the page, and come shake yo’ junk.

If you’re impatient, you’ll miss something. Sit still for 90 seconds and read.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

** BTW, anyone who gets a Sweet Ass Dance Pass or a Membership THIS WEEKEND also gets a FREE buddy drop in pass, worth $20. Special treat for this weekend only, expires Sunday November 4th at midnight.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Share the love. Enjoy the sun. Dance.

– SB

PS: I’m performing on Breakfast Television Monday November 5th, promoting IMPACT. Check the post on the group page, or my blog for info on that.

My 2007 Gemini Awards Post Show Update

So I’m back from Regina! But I’ve returned empty handed. =(


Yes, I admit an award would be nice. But that would just be icing, because I see the bigger picture. The experience of being at the Gemini Awards is something that will stay with me for a lifetime! Everywhere I looked, there was somebody I recognized or admired. Actors and comedians I worked with in the past, and many that I would love to work with.

It’s always so motivating to have hundreds of Canada’s brightest and most creative minds in televison and film all under one roof. Proof that you CAN make a living doing what you love. And you CAN leave a positive mark on others by being passionate about your craft.

A couple of great acceptance speeches, some were rudely cut off by the music. I understand the importance of time limits, but cutting someone off after just 30 seconds is a little harsh. Let them have their say, we all have somethin’ to share.

Too bad, my speech would have been the coolest acceptance of the night. Next time… 😉

George Stromboluffogus (I still can’t spell his last name) was a thoroughly entertaining host. The production setup was so cool and high-tech, I’m sure CBC blew their entire year’s budget on just lights!

For those of you that tuned in… they DIDN’T show my category on tv. Which, well… let’s just say I was a little disappointed. They told us the bad news at the last minute that some categories wouldn’t be on air (like mine). And they had a bunch of filler stuff when they could have been talking about the other nominees. Oh well, c’est la vie.

But at least I got some sexy time photographs out of it! C’mon, you already know I’m a camera whore… Check out the pics of my lovely guest and I. If you’re my facebook friend, you can see more there.

Geminis 2

Geminis 3

Geminis 4

Which reminds me: Get your dance membership, so I can see more of YOU in class and tell you more good news. And remember if you’re a college/university student, you can SHARE your card, so stop making excuses! Spread the word.

Visit the link now and let’s give ’em somethin’ to talk about… who knows, maybe I’ll direct a reality show about my hip hop or tap classes… starring YOU!

– SB