Here’s What To Do When A Setback Smacks You


It’s true: They suck.

The crappy part of life WILL happen, to everyone. Stop, and take whatever time you need to recognize and embrace all the crappy feels that go with it.

But there’s Hope! Because when you’re ready, a time WILL come when you wake up, and decide you want to keep moving forward.

Don’t force it, it WILL come. When that time arrives, don’t let your circumstances determine your decisions… let your DECISIONS determine your circumstances.
Your future can be whatever you choose to make it. Because what happens in the trenches that determines how you get to the mountaintop.

You got this!

– Shawn B

As a sought-after presenter, choreographer, coach and entrepreneur, Shawn Byfield’s unique perspective is enjoyed by thousands who train and mentor with him every year. To start learning, yearning, movin’ or groovin’… contact Shawn before today ends.

All Smiles At Toronto Dora Mavor Moore Awards

All smiles at the Dora Mavor Moore Awards! What’s the Doras you ask?

Just like the Tony Awards, or the Academy Awards, Toronto has an awards event run by TAPA. The Doras recognize theatre, opera, and dance professionals on and off the stage.If you didn’t know, the secret is out… I’m a Juror for this past season. What do I do? Just like members of The Academy Awards watch all the films, I personally attend all the registered shows, provide feedback, and go through a voting process, which determines whether or not your show gets nominated for a Dora Award. It’s a time consuming job… but hey, someone’s gotta do it!It was my pleasure serving such an incredibly gifted community. Congratulations to EVERY show nominated! Keep making art. You are beautiful. You deserve the applause. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next. 🎭#doras2019 👊🏾- Shawn Byfield

DEADLINE JUNE 30th! Toronto International Youth Dance Festival 2019

Toronto International Youth Dance Festival 2019
Toronto International Youth Dance Festival 2019


Get ready for the 2019 Toronto International Youth Dance Festival!

The annual TIYDF is created to bring youth dancers from all over the world together while celebrating diverse dance and culture through friendly competition and showcase. Toronto International Youth Dance Festival aims to instil the importance of Art, Education, and Community in our daily lives and help youths uncover their full potential artistically and academically.

Toronto International Youth Dance Festival past participants

This is a festival with emphasis on performance, teamwork and fun!!

Open showcase will happen on Aug 2nd, 2019 while the competition portion of our festival takes place on Aug 3rd, 2019.

Also, the event theme is KIDS HELPING KIDS. This is an opportunity to use your love of dance to raise funds for SICK KIDS HOSPITAL. 

To register, email:

Werrk It Wednesday! Mississauga Hip Hop Dance Class For Adults

Hey Mississauga! Enjoy a fun filled and inspiring Wednesday hip hop dance class with award-winning choreographer and national dance coach, Shawn Byfield!

Werrk It Wednesday

7:00PM – 8:30PM

Watts School Of Dance
370 Britannia Rd E #6, Mississauga
Ages 19+ Minimum 2 years dance training required


Werrk It Wednesday hip hop dance class Mississauga



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Thank You For Flying!

Thank You!

THANK YOU to all the schools, organizations, and events that have me fly across the country to do what I do. Thank you for supporting my mission to encourage, inspire, and make a difference in people’s lives, young and old. I am truly grateful to experience the joys (and even the turbulence) of travel.

Thank you for flying with me! You fuel my attitude of gratitude daily. (And of course, I’m on a bird as I write this. That’s the view from my window)

How can I help YOU soar to new heights? I have dates available this summer (only a few left). Let me know where I’m flying to next!

– Shawn Byfield

How Many Hours Should Your Kid Train? Here’s My Response…

Here’s a question parents (and some teachers) always ask: “Shawn, how many hours a week should my kid be putting in at her studio?”

With over 27 years of experience teaching students, my response is two fold:

1️⃣ If they’re seriously interested, then invest in as many as you can reasonably afford!

BUT the next point is much more important…

2️⃣ The amount of hours (how many) pales in comparison to the QUALITY of the time spent in each hour. HOW you spend the time in each hour matters 3x more than the quantity of hours.

This doesn’t just apply to dance. Not being present, goofing off, and not putting in 100% in every class will not get you ahead, no matter how many practice hours you invest.

EQUATION: Crappy work ethic per hour X 3 hours just equals 3 more hours of crappy work ethic. 💩 You’re still in the same place- frustrated and left behind…

…while others who are committed, focused, and train with purpose every minute of every hour DRAMATICALLY come out ahead of their peers. One hour of motivated focus ALWAYS beats 3 hours of mediocre attention. It’s a law, and it works every time.

QUESTION: Why do some classes accomplish so much more per hour, while other classes constantly never seem to get ahead? The answer: they understand QUALITY of time over quantity.

Hands down, QUALITY always beats quantity. 💯

How are your kids, or your students spending each hour?

– Shawn Byfield 👊🏾


Why Doing Your Best Starts *BEFORE* You Step On Stage… Shocking!

Forget what you’ve heard… Your best performance does NOT magically happen once you step onto the stage. Surprised?! Shocked?! You shouldn’t be.

Here’s what you gotta do:

Practice at the best of your ability BEFORE you step on to the stage. That means rehearsing full out! Treat class like an audition!

The more you push yourself BEFORE you perform, the more you build your stamina. The more your stamina builds, the more you build muscle memory. And once muscle memory becomes automatic, you’ll see a dramatic boost in your confidence, and performance level.

You won’t do your best, until you know what your best is. Find out what your best is during rehearsal time. Discover your limits, and work hard to improve daily.

So what does this mean? Simple:

➡️ No more laziness in rehearsals. Invest quality time every minute of every session.

➡️ Step your game up in classes. You’ll quicky discover how fast you grow.

➡️ Be a leader, not a follower. Set the example for others.

➡️ Don’t wait for motivation to take yourself seriously. You don’t need permission to be great.

When you finally get on stage, you’ll be ready. You’ll have the muscle. And who knows? Maybe you’ll even have a fun time!

– Shawn Byfield 👊🏾

DANCERS: Here’s How To Crush It In Your Lyrical Category This Season

** LYRICAL Category 101 **

#DanceCompetition is in full swing. Want to impress your adjudicators, feel incredible on stage, and wow your audience? Follow these simple steps below.

Understand your lyrics

Unfortunately, there is no Step Two, or any other steps, if you haven’t invested serious quality time in Step One!

You wouldn’t perform a tap dance solo without wearing tap dance shoes, would you?

Then why perform a lyrical dance, in a lyrical category, without understanding the LYRICS?

🤔 💬


When I’m judging a lyrical category, and deciding between a dancer who shows emotional connection to the song lyrics, versus a dancer showing off gymnastics and pump turns… Emotional connection wins every time.


– Shawn Byfield




Stop Scrolling! And Read This…


Listen real quick: It all comes down to CHOICES. What you CHOOSE to do (or not do) matters.

Want a future that looks different than it does now? Here’s a tip:

➡️ CHOOSE to not make the next five years anything like the last five.

I choose to make the next half decade dramatically different from the past 5 years! That’s the vibe I’m on. I’m so grateful for the past and present, and excited about the future. 😁

Who’s with me?

– Shawn Byfield (Contact me here)

Why Learning To LOSE Actually Helps You Win

Why Learning To LOSE Actually Helps You Win

One of the greatest lessons you can give your child or student is this: Letting them LOSE.

Here’s why…

In life, everyone does NOT get a trophy. In life, you WILL fail, you WILL screw up, and gasp! You will LOSE. Why?

Don’t ask me why, it’s just that kind of universe! I wasn’t around when the original decisions were being made. But that’s how life *actually* works. Deal with it.

In our entitlement filled, everybody gets a medal culture, we set our kids up for failure in life. All the parental over-protecting eventually creates an under-accomplishing generation…

…What do you mean you don’t know how to do laundry? What do you mean you don’t know how to rewrite a test, or redo a course? What do you mean you don’t know how to make eggs?

It starts with giving them the GIFT of standing on any competitive stage, and NOT receiving a placement. SOMEBODY has to lose! And this time, it’s YOUR kid. Plain and simple. Teach them how to deal with it.

Sharing Is Caring, So Give ‘Em This

Give them the life lesson of being in a losing team. (Heaven forbid they have to return to the school and work harder.) Give them the experience of being the only one in a category who did NOT place, so they know how to develop self-confidence, work ethic and the pick-myself-upness to advance in the future.

I really could go on and on and on with this one, but I trust you understand the value in letting your kids go through this valuable lesson on their own.

ON THEIR OWN (See Above)

Teach your kids how to LOSE. Gracefully and with maturity.

In the Olympics, every human on Earth knows only three countries win. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. That’s it. THREE. Could you imagine watching an Olympics where every country won a medal? Where’s the competition in that? You laugh at the idea…

…Yet you expect that hilarious, unrealistic scenario for your own kids?

“But I don’t want their feelings to be hurt, blah blah blah…”

STOP IT. The reason kids have low self-esteem is because we keep buffering experiences for them to develop their self-esteem. Remember that time YOU screwed up? Made a mistake? Broke something? But *you learned something* from the experience? Exactly.

So why would you deprive young ones from the moments that teach how life ACTUALLY works?

Wisdom Stuff

As a certified coach and trainer, it’s my responsibility to share insight and wisdom to help prepare young ones (and us older ones) with the tools needed to steer in a positive direction. But the most valuable way to set up our next generation for success tomorrow, is by letting them experience how to overcome LOSING today.

And if you’re a young one reading this, my advice to you:

Experience LOSING as much as you can, as fast as you can. After a while, you’ll be glad you did. It gets easier. Because the more you lose, the more you’ll learn!

– Shawn Byfield