Why Learning To LOSE Actually Helps You Win

Why Learning To LOSE Actually Helps You Win One of the greatest lessons you can give your child or student is this: Letting them LOSE. Here’s why… In life, everyone does NOT get a trophy. In life, you WILL fail, you WILL screw up, and gasp! You will LOSE. Why? Don’t ask me why, it’sContinue reading “Why Learning To LOSE Actually Helps You Win”

PERFORMERS: What’s All This “Merde” Sh*t About, Anyway?

Here’s a crappy story. Why do we say “Merde” before performing? The simple theory is this: Merde is the French translation for the word “poop.” By the late 1800s, many major cities were literally covered in merde because of all the horses. Before motorized vehicles, horses did the heavy lifting to transport goods, materials, andContinue reading “PERFORMERS: What’s All This “Merde” Sh*t About, Anyway?”

Attention: The Newsies Strike Starts Now!

Brampton Music Theatre presents Disney’s Newsies Get Newsies Tickets Here The time has finally come to carry the banner. For the past few weeks, I’ve been helping bring this wonderful musical to life. I gotta say, it’s so fulfilling, energizing, and rewarding to watch the next generation of stage performers hone their skills, and riseContinue reading “Attention: The Newsies Strike Starts Now!”

DANCE LOVERS: What To Do In Toronto On Family Day?

Hey Toronto dance lovers! It may be cold out there, but it’s always hot in the studio. If you’re a fan of tap dance or hip hop, get yourself on the dance floor and into one of these workshops. Warm your body, and an even warmer soul with some hot moves and fresh new inspiration!Continue reading “DANCE LOVERS: What To Do In Toronto On Family Day?”

Trophies Are Nice, But This Is Better

DANCE COMPETITION SEASON is around the corner! Here’s a rehearsal snippet from a flamenco inspired #tapdance from last year’s season. Press Here To Watch Sure winning trophies are nice, but creating a memorable, challenging piece is always much more rewarding. This solo was best of all worlds, winning numerous categories and big scholarships, while providingContinue reading “Trophies Are Nice, But This Is Better”

Even Though Styles Change… THIS is Always In Fashion

Styles change. Trends disappear. But know what’s always in fashion? GOOD MANNERS. Because saying THANK YOU never goes out of style. 📸 shot by #wweiimage @wweiimage Website • • Had an incredible time emceeing Toronto Kids Fashion Week, both shows were SOLD OUT. I brought positive energy, showed some of my dance moves, and keptContinue reading “Even Though Styles Change… THIS is Always In Fashion”

Toronto Adults: Here’s Tap Dance And Hip Hop Dance Classes You ACTUALLY Want To Take

Who’s in your circle? Life is too short to only be around grumpy people. In 2019, surround yourself with people who ACTUALLY want to see you happy, healthy, and positive! SURROUND YOURSELF WITH PEOPLE WHO CHEER YOU ON Looking for somewhere with a non-competitive atmosphere? Want to just let loose and vibe, without feeling likeContinue reading “Toronto Adults: Here’s Tap Dance And Hip Hop Dance Classes You ACTUALLY Want To Take”

ONE HOUR SALE! Save Bucks On 2019 Hip Hop And Tap Dance Classes

IT’S THAT TIME! Registration for 2019 hip hop dance classes and tap dance classes at Byfield Dance Experience starts Friday December 7th, at noon. While you’re at lunch, why not grab your spot in on of Toronto’s favourite dance classes for adults? Press Here To Instantly Save Your Spot BONUS: For ONE HOUR ONLY, fromContinue reading “ONE HOUR SALE! Save Bucks On 2019 Hip Hop And Tap Dance Classes”

UPCOMING: Groove Street Productions Vancouver

West coast dancers, I’m coming for you. Let’s sweat, get inspired, and have some FUN! Teaching tap dance and musical theatre master classes at Groove Street Productions dance convention all weekend long near Vancouver this November, with an INCREDIBLE faculty you won’t want to miss. Surrey BC is where it all goes down! Will IContinue reading “UPCOMING: Groove Street Productions Vancouver”

UPCOMING: Tap Dance Workshop Class With Shawn Byfield

YOU GOT HERE TOO LATE. SORRY! WHO THIS IS FOR: — Teachers and assistants who need a refresher and inspiration — Students thinking about performing as a career — Tap dancers who want a different experience — New teachers learning the ropes — Teachers working on ideas for exercises — Dancers looking for a funContinue reading “UPCOMING: Tap Dance Workshop Class With Shawn Byfield”