TAKIN’ACTION Podcast: Robert Debartolo and Shawn Byfield

Here’s the story:   Robert and I have candid conversations almost weekly about growth, life, obstacles, and motivation to keep moving forward. So we said “why don’t we just record our conversations and make a podcast?”   So… we did.   https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/takinaction/id1462285548   Enjoy our unscripted, bite sized chats from two biz brothers, live fromContinue reading “TAKIN’ACTION Podcast: Robert Debartolo and Shawn Byfield”

Here’s What To Do When A Setback Smacks You

DEALING WITH A SETBACK? It’s true: They suck. The crappy part of life WILL happen, to everyone. Stop, and take whatever time you need to recognize and embrace all the crappy feels that go with it. But there’s Hope! Because when you’re ready, a time WILL come when you wake up, and decide you wantContinue reading “Here’s What To Do When A Setback Smacks You”

All Smiles At Toronto Dora Mavor Moore Awards

All smiles at the Dora Mavor Moore Awards! What’s the Doras you ask? Just like the Tony Awards, or the Academy Awards, Toronto has an awards event run by TAPA. The Doras recognize theatre, opera, and dance professionals on and off the stage.If you didn’t know, the secret is out… I’m a Juror for thisContinue reading “All Smiles At Toronto Dora Mavor Moore Awards”

DEADLINE JUNE 30th! Toronto International Youth Dance Festival 2019

CALL FOR DANCE STUDIOS: Get ready for the 2019 Toronto International Youth Dance Festival! The annual TIYDF is created to bring youth dancers from all over the world together while celebrating diverse dance and culture through friendly competition and showcase. Toronto International Youth Dance Festival aims to instil the importance of Art, Education, and CommunityContinue reading “DEADLINE JUNE 30th! Toronto International Youth Dance Festival 2019”

Werrk It Wednesday! Mississauga Hip Hop Dance Class For Adults

Hey Mississauga! Enjoy a fun filled and inspiring Wednesday hip hop dance class with award-winning choreographer and national dance coach, Shawn Byfield! WEDNESDAY JUNE 26TH 7:00PM – 8:30PM Watts School Of Dance 370 Britannia Rd E #6, Mississauga Ages 19+ Minimum 2 years dance training required YES! PLEASE SAVE MY SPOT. ONLY $25 OR CLICK HERE IFContinue reading “Werrk It Wednesday! Mississauga Hip Hop Dance Class For Adults”

How Many Hours Should Your Kid Train? Here’s My Response…

Here’s a question parents (and some teachers) always ask: “Shawn, how many hours a week should my kid be putting in at her studio?” With over 27 years of experience teaching students, my response is two fold: 1️⃣ If they’re seriously interested, then invest in as many as you can reasonably afford! BUT the nextContinue reading “How Many Hours Should Your Kid Train? Here’s My Response…”

Why Doing Your Best Starts *BEFORE* You Step On Stage… Shocking!

Forget what you’ve heard… Your best performance does NOT magically happen once you step onto the stage. Surprised?! Shocked?! You shouldn’t be. Here’s what you gotta do: Practice at the best of your ability BEFORE you step on to the stage. That means rehearsing full out! Treat class like an audition! The more you pushContinue reading “Why Doing Your Best Starts *BEFORE* You Step On Stage… Shocking!”

DANCERS: Here’s How To Crush It In Your Lyrical Category This Season

** LYRICAL Category 101 ** #DanceCompetition is in full swing. Want to impress your adjudicators, feel incredible on stage, and wow your audience? Follow these simple steps below. 🎈STEP ONE: Understand your lyrics 🎈STEP TWO: Unfortunately, there is no Step Two, or any other steps, if you haven’t invested serious quality time in Step One!Continue reading “DANCERS: Here’s How To Crush It In Your Lyrical Category This Season”