🎯 Public Speaking Tip: Do THIS Gesture FIRST When Greeting a Group

Kelowna public speaking coach Shawn Byfield
Kelowna public speaking coach Shawn Byfield teaches how to confidently use your voice in front of others

What To Do BEFORE Speaking? Do This Body Language Gesture

1️⃣ When welcoming a group, the very first gesture you make is OPEN YOUR ARMS WIDE. Bend your elbows slightly, like you’re hugging a panda. 🐼

2️⃣ Stand tall, shoulders back, chest up like Superman or Wonder Woman.

3️⃣ Gesture first, THEN greet them with your words.

Why do THIS? On a subconscious level:

🎯 This arm gesture tells your audience (whomever they may be) that you’re open, friendly, and happy to be here!

🎯 In their mind, it’s also like you’re hugging them. Hugs feel good, right? Well their opinion of YOU is associated with that good feeling.

🎯 Also, by not hiding your body, you show you’re a confident person right away.

🎯 DEEPER PSYCHOLOGY: Some people fear opening their arms wide because, our primitive brain tells us doing so can make us vulnerable.

🎯 When YOU open arms wide, you’re showing no fear. You embrace all that comes your way.

Try this simple gesture the next time you’re in a group, giving a presentation, at team meetings, or on a stage!

So much value in one motion. This can be the difference of people liking and trusting you, or zoning out and walking away.

Now you know! 🌈

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🎯 BONUS: This gesture works with one-on-one meetings also. Like when you’re excited to hug a friend you haven’t seen in ages! Just sayin’ 😉

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