Why Dance Competition Season Starts NOW


Dance competition season is here! And if you’re gonna have an incredible season, NOW IS THE TIME to turn up the intensity in the studio. 🕺

DON’T BE LAZY IN LEARNING. Take yourself seriously, and apply your talents 100% of the time, EVERY time. 💯 ACT AS IF you’re on stage, and start performing in:

☑️ EVERY class,

☑️ EVERY rehearsal,

☑️ EVERY chance you get.

That way, when you finally get on stage for realises, you’ll have the muscle, 💪 you’ll have the discipline, and most importantly- you’ll have the SELF CONFIDENCE to GET ON THE STAGE and SHOW EVERYONE why you love to dance. 💙😁❤️

Think this is a good idea? Know someone that needs an encouraging reminder? Tag them! Share your thoughts below, right now before you forget!

– Shawn Byfield

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