“Tim Hortons Just Tastes Better” – Said The Burger King


Time for a coffee break. If you haven’t heard, Burger King is merging with Tim Hortons, and moving their new head office to Canada. This’ll make Timmy’s the double-double king & BK the 3rd largest fast food company on EARTH.

Yes, a Canadian company will be the third biggest on the planet, Eh!

Currently, the top ten biggest fast food companies are all American. Do some research on the story for yourself.

A Whopper Of A Lesson?

Immediately I see a handful of valuable gems, shiny pearls of wisdom. Wrap your buns around these:

  1. Get educated on franchise models, and understand the economic concept of leverage. Clearly the strategy works, successful businesses apply it daily. We could all learn a thing or two.
  2. Stop hating on your self employed, entrepreneur, independent business friends who own a franchise, because they work hard, deserve your support and your buck. Stop supporting big corporations when your buddy with the same product, service or in the same industry is just steps away and would love to help.
  3. Plus, if they do it well it’s a payday that not only supports their family, but most often gives YOU more time, saves YOU money, reduces YOUR stress, or all the above. And, supporting your buddy boosts our country’s economy because in a time when big biz is downsizing, small businesses are expanding and spending.
  4. Discover ways to expand outside your local marketplace. Because there just might be a bigger or more delicious opportunity for you elsewhere if you just peek outside your box.
  5. Canadians have guts. Sometimes they’re deeper inside because of the wind chill, but we still have ’em up there somewhere.
  6. Tim Horton started with ONE doughnut shop. And because he understood lesson number one above, in three years he turned his shop into a multi-million dollar franchise system. Fast forward 50 years later and surprise- one of the largest fast food companies on the planet.

BKChew on that for a minute.

And points for you if you got the double meaning in this post’s title. 😉

I hope you found this useful! Are you a business owner? Thinking of starting one? Do you own a franchise? Share below or tweet me, I’m curious to read your thoughts.




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