The Secret On How To Feel Good Naked (and Other Updates)

Toronto dance classes for adults

** Shawn B’s Awesome Newsletter Updates **

In this issue: Answers to your popular questions, and about less clothing:

1. — “How do I get back into tap dancing? I haven’t done it in years!”
2. — “I need to get into shape ASAP- I’m tired of being sick! What’s the best class to take?”
3. — “I LOVE the music you use in class! What was the song?”
4. — How to feel good naked (you might want to read this first)

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1. — “How do I get back into tap dancing? I haven’t done it in years!”

Beginner tap dance Toronto
Beginner tap dance Toronto

If you have total basic experience from years ago, and haven’t put tap shoes on in forever, here’s good news… a new 8 week beginner tap dance session is starting THIS Sunday!

Beginner Tap: Sunday April 7th, 4pm
Advanced Beginner Tap: Sunday April 7th, 3pm (one hour earlier)

These sessions are EXCELLENT. If you used to tap dance, haven’t done it in years & want to get back into it. That’s who this class is for. Starts again THIS WEEKEND. Email me directly at if you have any questions.

See details, video, photos and sign up directly here:

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2. — “I need to get into shape ASAP- I’m tired of being sick! What’s the best class to take?”

If you’ve been feeling like sh*t because that damn cold won’t go away, it’s because you need to strengthen your immune system. That’s not gonna happen if you:

A) Aren’t sleeping enough each night
B) Aren’t drinking enough water each day
C) Aren’t getting out of a toxic environment
D) Aren’t exercising enough

We’ve all been there. Being sick sucks donkey balls.

So if you want to feel healthier, you need to change one, or all of the above. I know for sure we can help you with that last one in our…

“Toronto Dance Workout” class! Good tunes, fun people and tons of cardio, strength training and sweat- all in an environment that encourages you and makes you feel, well, AWESOME.

And I’m sure you agree- awesome is a great feeling!

If you’re wondering how to get in shape, without feeling self-conscious around jerks and rude skinny b*tches at the gym? The answer is to come see us! And have fun doing it. YES, exercise can be F.U.N. Do you like fun?

Toronto Dance Workout classes happen FOUR times weekly, and there’s a spot for you. See the schedule and get your membership to better health today, at this link:

= = = = = = = = = =

3. — “I LOVE the music you use in class! What was the song?”

My teachers are pretty cool. And when it comes to music, they always play good music. If you want to be just as cool as they are, I’d suggest showing up more 😉

Here’s 5 awesome suggestions from my recent classes. Add to your playlist immediately:

— Things We Do (Q-Tip)
— Nightflight to Venus (Boney M)
— Hustler’s Anthem (T-Pain & Busta Rhymes)
— Suit & Tie (Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z)
— Plenty (Guru & Erykah Badu)

BONUS: 5 more funky chunes to get you on the floor

— Locked Out Of Heaven (Bruno Mars)
— Funky Good Time (James Brown)
— The Bomb (Bucketheads)
— Release (Timbaland)
— Music Feels Better With You (Stardust)

= = = = = = = = = =

4. — How To Feel Good Naked

Let me back track to the health issue. I have a great post on my website (look up “Stretchy Pants”) on how to get & stay in shape. Have you read it?

WARNING: You might find some of that post shocking… (that burger looks great though doesn’t it?)

Warm Summer weather is literally just around the corner. Time to get outside! Pool parties. Beach. Patios. Nightclubs. Which means…  less clothing for all of us. Gasp? Panic?

Here’s the secret to feeling good naked:

If you want to OWN a summer body, you need to start EARNING it in the spring. And that season is now.

Avoid embarrassment, avoid always being sick, and avoid lame excuses on why you “can’t wear that” this year. Why not? Want to feel better with less clothes on? You know the answer…

…is RIGHT HERE. Come to BDX and feel more confident, one class at a time. All you have to do is show up.

I truly believe you deserve to have a kick ass year! Do you agree? If yes, come see what we do in person. Today’s a brand new day, you CAN start shaping your summer- and your future- exactly how you want it to be.

Don’t hesitate to email, facebook or tweet me if you have any questions!

Love you long time,

– Shawn B

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